Recognised internationally for our harmonious, eco-luxe design, authentic Balinese rituals and creative epicurean cuisine, Fivelement Retreat Bali offers an extraordinary setting for wedding ceremonies and celebrations, both intimate and grand.

We invite you to immerse in the romance of Bali’s mystical island at Fivelements.

Our professional team will guide you in personalising an elegant, romantic occasion, be it a traditional Balinese wedding, a white wedding or a unique holistic ceremony

Embrace the Spirit of Love, harmony and inspiration at Fivelements.


Guests Experiences


"A Solstice Wedding at Fivelements"

We were married at Fivelements three years ago. We chose it as our wedding venue for its astoundingly beautiful energy, which emanates from everything: from the architecture and setting to the very people who make its story come alive.

The ceremony was undoubtedly the highlight of our wedding. It was held in Mandala Agung, a grand, sacred space of spiraling bamboo 22 meters high, with a channel of light entering in through its crowned center. There were frangipanis sprinkled across the entire floor and hanging like falling stars from invisible fishing line from the rotunda above.

The space felt enormous and yet intimate, the light, extraordinary, the falling flowers like stars, the carpet of blossoms almost too beautiful to walk upon. And the circle of seated friends and family like a surrounding embrace.

Everything went very smoothly. All Fivelements’ staff were wonderful and the entire event flowed beautifully, especially considering that we had deliberately rehearsed nothing!

At the reception, the five-course raw and cooked vegetarian meal was an exquisite unfurling of delicate flavors that astounded all our guests (even those far from the raw-vegan persuasion). The raw layered berry tart that was selected as our wedding cake disappeared in minutes!

A year ago we lit a candle in remembrance of our ceremony, and we read through each of the thoughtful and precious words our friends wrote to us. Our eyes filled up with tears at all the carefully selected passages of wisdom and light that you shared with us that day. We thank you again for being a part of our lives and for having played such a beautiful role in our wedding.

Hillary and Janur
December 22, 2011

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"It was a blessing on many levels."

Dear Lahra and Chicco

We are so grateful for the kindness, support, professionalism and love you have extended to us, making our wedding a very special day..

Thank you for creating such an oasis of beauty, health and integrity.

It was a blessing on many levels.

Huge thanks to Stephanie, Ida Bagus, Chef Made and all the staff at Fivelements.

We hope that this will inspire more couples to have conscious weddings at Fivelements and we will definitely recommend it highly to our friends.

With love and gratitude
Cecile and Misha

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Leyla and Antonio

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