Wednesday, 28 February 2018 21:24

Arnaud, The Making of Fivelements Hong Kong

Arnaud, Executive Chef

What is your role?

I am the Executive Chef and started in January 2016 to create and develop the menu for Fivelements first urban wellness retreat. This involved and extensive process to bring the award-winning Sakti Dining Room TM concept from Bali to HK with a new expression.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 21:17

Ketut, The Making of Fivelements Hong Kong

Ketut, architect and interior designer, focusing on creating a calm, friendly, spiritual – and surprising – space

What do you think Hong Kongers will respond to the most?

The idea here is to bring something different that no one else has done in Hong Kong. Sometimes architecture and interior design is about following trends or looking classic, but we have brought a concept that is similar to what we have created in Bali and which is aligned with our Fivelements’ holistic integrative concept.

I especially like the fact you cannot predict what is inside by looking at the outside. Even though the building from the outside has a very international look, once you enter inside we want you to be surprised. All our rooms are different. And not only different but we have tried to bring to the space a spiritual feel using unusual materials in an unusual way. We have chosen the various stone, for example, and the bamboo, to bring nature inside. You jump from a cityscape to a tropical interior.

Upstairs in the Yoga Room, the curving ceiling is one of the ways we have tried to surprise people. The building on the outside is very regular so inside we are avoiding any square structure – one of Lahra’s requirements for wellness design. We want to give people space to move around without barriers and in the Yoga Room every angle has a different feel. Every time you walk in here the space is so inspirational you really feel great.