Bali Usada Silent Meditation Retreat

“A harmonious mind makes your body healthy, your mind peaceful and gives you happiness.”

Merta Ada

Are you tempted by five days of blissful silence? Last year Lahra Tatriele joined Merta Ada’s silent retreat and emerged with new self-healing skills. “It is extraordinary,” she says. “I’d do it every year if I could.” She loved it so much she invited Merta Ada to lead the Bali Usada Silent Meditation Retreats at Fivelements. She explains what it is all about…

From the first night you follow noble silence, which lasts for five of the six retreat days. You’re not allowed a computer or phone, book, paper or pen. There’s nothing to read, write or say, and removing those three things is huge. You get to see yourself in a quiet way, without writing things down, without purging on someone else. It sounds die-hard but it’s actually not that difficult.

Merta Ada is a delight. He is full of charming stories and so human, that’s what people like about him. He’s very joyful and has an infectious smile.

The kind of meditation he teaches is about self-healing. You may be healing from an emotional or physical trauma, an ailment, perhaps a past argument. A lot of people try meditation to get to that ‘blissful’ other-dimension, but that can take years. During this retreat you learn how to heal yourself through meditation.

Meditation is about training the mind. Merta Ada trains you to scan your body so you can feel or sense problems. You might have a pain in your back or a repeating ear infection, for example, but through meditation you realize it is because of an ankle trauma you had as a child or you’ve been storing up mourning for a late relative. You send that part of your body love, and release it.

As humans our minds are naturally busy all the time. When negative thoughts repeat you start to internalize them as truth. For example, “Oh, the office is so stressful!” You’re setting up a pattern that continually associates the office with negative energy, leading to daily worry. These thought patterns become internalized on physiological levels and can actually cause you to get sick or be in pain. This retreat helps you get rid of these negative patterns and reprogram the mind to follow a positive flow.

Day three or four is always the most difficult. There are people who want to leave, who can’t take the silence or find it very difficult. It is normal human nature not to want to sit still. You’re looking around the class and judging people. You’re worried about your computer.

But towards the end of the retreat many people start to feel elation or have visions. I started to get visions on the fifth day. They were insights into my life, moving from the physical to the emotional, helping me mentally as well as physically detox.

Learning to let go, learning that all conditions of life are impermanent, is very healing. It clears your mind and cleans your body. It really is an extraordinary process. It’s very compelling and a hugely valuable tool. Scientists have proven that meditation lower stress levels, and what is great is anyone can do this, whether you’re a new or experienced meditator.

At the end of the retreat you have a calmness. Harmony in the mind. You are in a very peaceful state – loving, open and warm. It’s a quiet happiness, a contentment. Some people emerge enlightened about their life and with a new perspective. What’s truly amazing is you’ve undergone a journey of self-love and compassion with these other retreaters, without exchanging a word.

The six-night, seven-day Bali Usada Silent Meditation Retreat is lead by Merta Ada, founder of Bali Usada Meditation. He is dedicated to teaching Tapa Brata, the silent health meditation technique that appeared to him during one of his meditations. He has helped over 80,000 people heal themselves of grief, trauma, allergies, cancer, impotency, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia, migraines, heart disease, disease due to holding on to negative past experiences and many more issues. Days follow an itinerary of meditations, complementary exercises, Fivelements’ award-winning vegan raw living foods cuisine and plenty of rest.

“Through harmony of the mind you can check your body, heal your body and remove negative memories from your sub-conscious.”

Merta Ada

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