Introducing Body to Breath Resilience Training with Thomas Hija

This month we are excited to share the work of Indonesian martial arts master Thomas Hija — Body to Breath Resilience Training.

Tommy makes a strong first impression. A burly figure with tattoos, I did not expect the gentleness and humour that emerged from him as we introduced ourselves.

As he shared his background in martial arts since his youth, his world travels, and teaching background, I could feel his dedication to the Indonesian martial art — Silat.

As he led me through the Body to Breath Resilience Training I was surprised at the unusual combination breath and contraction of specific muscle groups, which I came to understand was a way to purify and circulate the blood. Up for a challenge, I gave my all in the next stage, a series of brisk heart-pumping exercises using bodyweight. And this, I later found out, was to strengthen heart and move that purified blood through the system. Throughout I could feel Tommy’s care and realised that he was constantly gauging my capacity and how much he would ask me to do.

I can’t remember a workout which was both so physically demanding and at the same time reinforced this connection of body, mind, and breath.

Body To Breath — Resilience Training with Thomas Hija

A uniquely challenging and personalised fitness programme for peak physical performance and mental health.

Originating from “Silat”, the century-old Indonesian martial art for physical and spiritual conditioning, Body To Breath combines specialised breathing techniques, meditation, core contraction, and intense physical endurance training. Deep breathing purifies the blood, while bodyweight resistance training allows maximum penetration and absorption into the tissues to revive, restore and heal. Promoting physical and mental resilience, Body To Breath relieves stress, anxiety, and in some cases even depression, as well as bringing a sense of confidence, clarity and purpose.

“There is not a complaint that breathing combined with meditation cannot relieve if done correctly and maintained.” Thomas Hija

Holistic Fitness can be adapted to any fitness level — you must only be prepared to push your body and psyche to the best of your ability.

Thomas “Tommy” Hija has spent more than 36 years learning, perfecting, and finally teaching the overlooked scientific art of breathing. Regarded as a master teacher, he has built a reputation among a broad spectrum groups and individuals worldwide ranging from working professionals to elite sportsman and special forces, addressing various themes from stress-management, peak performance, self-defence and women’s health.

Private Sessions are 90 min for 2,400,000++ IDR (1-2 guests)
Group Sessions are 1,200,000++ per person (3 or more guests)

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