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We are pleased to announce 2 new sessions with our Balinese Healers this month. Pak Tirka’s Fivelements Taksu Massage blends intuitive bodywork with mantra invocation to bring the Taksu, the blessing from spirit, the gift from the heart.

Pak Gede brings us Danda Reflexology. With skillful use of a wooden massage stick, Gede focuses on reflex points of the hands and feet, activating healing where circulation is needed in the rest of the body. I was lucky enough to experience both of these sessions in one afternoon. I found myself in the best mood and lightest in my body I have felt in ages, nearly skipping out of the treatment room!

Fivelements Taksu Massage with Pak Tirka

A holistic experience combining deep release acupressure with intuitive massage, energy healing, and Balinese blessing.

Pak Tirka, whose name means “Sacred Spring” is a skilled bodyworker who learned from his healer grandfather, that “love is the real healer.” The session begins with a Balinese Sanskrit prayer, an invocation of blessing, divine guidance, and healing energy. Surrender to relaxation as Tirka performs an energy scan and stimulates chakra activation points.

Working according to your body’s needs and his intuitive guidance, Tirka’s confident hands drop into acupressure points and knead with therapeutic strength to release tension.

Tirka follows with broad sweeping massage strokes, smoothing out the length of muscles, and bringing a welcome sense of completion.

However skilled, he emphasises that the real healer is the Taksu, the heart beyond the hands, the inspiration and power from the source of life. As Tirka closes this healing ritual with mantra, sense the benefits on every level— the whole being treated with reverence.

Danda Reflexology with Pak Gede

Therapeutic reflexology on feet and hands, emphasising powerful use of wooden massage stick, combined with energy scan and energy transfer. Originally an artist, a woodcarver, Pak Gede discovered his talent for healing after curing his own digestive illness which no other medical or traditional treatment could address.

Under the guidance of a pranayama master, Gede cultivated his sensitive and pranic ability to detect problems and transfer energy. He has become a healer for his local community, helping with acute and chronic conditions of all kinds.

Danda Reflexology begins with an energy scan to find blocks and deficiencies. Then focusing on the guest’s feet and palms, Gede uses his hands and a wooden massage stick, danda in Sanskrit, with quick rhythmic pressure to deliver the most precise pressure and immediate benefit.

Throughout the treatment, Gede explains the relationship between reflexology points and organs and areas of the body. To improve the blood flow to the spinal nerves and the effectiveness of the treatment Gede may also massage the calves, spine, and skull. Gede closes the session channeling positive energy to fill deficiencies and speed healing.

This is a deep healing treatment involving very strong pressure.

All sessions are IDR 1.670.000++ and 90 minutes. An advanced reservation is essential.

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