The Power of Love in a Silent Meditation

“A few years ago, I remember meeting a man in Bali who told me that after 10 years living in Nepal and studying meditation under a more rigid style, he came to Bali, met Merta Ada and started practicing silent meditation together. After experiencing the programme, he found himself completely blown away realising that what was missing from his previous meditation studies was ‘the experience of self-Love.’

As surprising as it sounded, it hit me like a thunderbolt! I simply had to try this programme firsthand and when I did, I quickly understood what that man had meant. From then on, it became my mission to support this master meditation teacher, Merta Ada, and offer his self-healing Bali Usada Silent Meditation Retreat to a wider international audience at Fivelements. In particular, I envisioned participants coming from all over the world sharing a common thread – all living demanding lifestyles and in positions of influence or leadership (whether in the family or in business) and thus, able to effect positive change within their worlds with these teachings. 

Meeting people where they are.
I have always believed in a gentle transformational process – This essentially means meeting people where they are, facilitating and inspiring them along the way in their own path of personal evolution. For all of us facing the ever-intensifying challenges of 21st century lifestlyes, Merta Ada's tapa brata self-healing meditation technique is one of the most powerful tools for survival.

The technique is both scientific and ethereal essentially teaching us 1) how to free our minds of negative thought patterns; 2) how to restore happiness on a daily basis; and 3) how to stay in alignment with our truths. What could be more useful and relevant than that?

Noble silence.
Prior to starting, I must admit even I was a little bit intimidated upon the thought of several hours a day in noble silence. However, reflecting upon my recent years of birthing the business of my long anticipated dreams, running it with my husband and having to wear numerous hats in the operations, while also caring for our three children and juggling their increasingly complex schedules (who would have thought?), my thinking became crystal clear – this is the retreat for me! What I understood during the retreat was that I would be listening to several informative dissertations and endearing stories by the master himself.

Healing issues and traumas from our memory.
One of the most surprising and spontaneous experiences I had occurred about half-way through the program. I began drawing in various unresolved issues from my recent past and my childhood. Through the sequences taught, I was able to heal many issues. Merta Ada explained to us that when we experience traumas or repeating issues, they often get stored in various parts of our bodies, literally sticking in the memory of our bodies. Sub-consciously, they often have negative impacts on our thought patterns, overall stress and physical conditions over years. Through the practice of this simple, yet highly effective meditation technique, I learned to re-condition my mind into a more positive, compassionate and healthier state. The technique is remarkably simple, yet amazingly effective!

Learning invaluable skill for life.
My experience was indeed very powerful and the ultimate support to calming and quieting the mind, centering on my priorities and reconnecting with who I am as a mother, wife, daughter and co-founder/director. Although I’d practiced meditation for years, I was truly impressed with Merta Ada’s programme. A Balinese Buddhist priest, Merta Ada is a delightful, humble and wise teacher who emanates an endearing light. His numerous dissertations blend the science behind the technique with charming, heart-warming stories. Through this simple but very effective technique, I learned how to be more humble myself and to direct love and compassion to areas of my body that unknown to me needed extra care and attention. I learned an absolutely invaluable skill for my life and the lives of those around me.

Having experienced the benefits of this meditation retreat first-hand a couple years ago, I requested to incorporate the programme into Fivelements semi-annual offerings, and I feel so fortunate that Merta Ada agreed. I am committed to sharing the healing wisdom of this kind-hearted, dedicated Balinese meditation master with our international guests and would recommend this programme to anyone wishing to feel better and live a more free, happier existence!"

Lahra Tatriele, Fivelements' Co-founder and Vision Director

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