The Ides of March in Bali

From Earth Hour on March 25th to Nyepi on March 28th, Fivelements celebrates accordingly

Earth Hour

As lights dim and flicker off around the world, Fivelements Bali will be joining the celebrations in remembrance of our Earth’s innate wellbeing on March 25th.

The lights-off event calls for an extinguishing of manmade light in order to shine a natural light on climate action. From individuals and businesses to city landmarks, electricity-guzzling lights are switched off for a blissful hour, highlighting the natural nighttime darkness, quiet, rich and unpolluted.

As manmade lights disappear, at Fivelements we will be marking the occasion with activities that shine in the dark. Start your evening with a delicious dinner served riverside and created by our talented Sakti Dining Room™ team. At 8:30pm, a session of enlightenment via meditation surrounded by candles sets the scene of the evening. And the highlight, quite literally, of the evening will be a Fire Ceremony, led by our resident priest, allowing guests to be energized by the intensity and power of this ancient ritual, while setting an intention for the rest of the year.


By contrast, on the day of Nyepi just three days later, celebrated as the Balinese New Year and renowned across the world as the infamous Day of Silence, we quieten down for a time of self-reflection, purification and reconciliation.

No activities, no entertainment, no lights, natural or manmade, are allowed during Bali’s Day of Silence. But similarly to Earth Hour, Nyepi is a time to reflect on what is important, not just for yourself but also for your community and for the whole planet.

Nyepi is about turning inwards and, while the quiet and calm persuades the evil spirits that are said to pass the island of Bali over thinking no one is living there, the quiet and calm also benefits each and every inhabitant with time to be present, be grateful, pause and start again.

Saving the Earth

By turning to natural flames from manmade light, switching off air conditioners, giving pond and pool pumps a break and extinguishing other electricity-fuelled devices for the 24 hours of Nyepi, Fivelements saved approximately 55 kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity in 2016. And during Earth Hour we saved approximately 7.5 kWh.

Follow our example

Fivelements has long been an active supporter of both these significant days, the yin and the yang of contemplation. Join us for a powerful Earth Hour, or follow our lead in your own community, and your actions can help change our tomorrows for the better.

Learn more on www.earthhour.org.

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