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  • 2-hour Group Sacred Arts Session

    ‘Rasa’ or ‘essence’ is sacred arts offering designed to hold the space for exploration in creative movement expression. Set to world rhythms we open to connect to our inner landscapes of emotion, felt sense, physical sensation while connecting to others and the site and sonic archictecture and atmosphere of where we are.

    Time and space to move authentically, intuitively with openness and awareness expanding in each moment, breath and gesture. Playful and exploratory in a sacred held space.

    In this session we will be slowly building a bridge to connect deep within through movement, visual arts expression and meditation. Beginning with the body, you will be gently guided in different ways to connect, to feel and explore your physical body as a means to opening the channels of possibility.

    For many of us, our bodies are taken through very similar movements and gestures as part of how we live our lives. Even when we do practice yoga, and/or exercise, our bodies become used to similar postures that we repeat over and over again. In this session, we open the way to create anew, in our movement, in how we connect inwardly and in how we express outwardly.

    Creating new neural connections through new ways of moving and being, we feel ourselves different and open to what is possible for us beyond movement and in our daily lives.

    Visual expression as a continuation of what we have explored helps to bring our awareness into a different realm and the concluding lovingkindness meditation bridges our love and compassion towards each other, to where we are and to the rest of the world.

  • 2-hour Group Sacred Arts Session

    2:00-4:00 pm Group Sacred Arts Session at Mandala Agung
  • 2-hour Group Sacred Arts Session

    Rp. 150,000 NET for Friends of Fivelements members
    Rp. 200,000 for non-members

    * 10% of the proceeds are dedicated to Fivelements Social Impact programmes
    * A minimum number of participants is required to run this event. If the registration does not meet the minimum number of required participants, Fivelements reserve the right to cancel this event at short notice.
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  • 2-hour Group Sacred Arts Session


    Last week I took a friend for the RASA session. Way out of our comfort zone and absolutely wonderful. We will join next month's session and hope to bring some more friends.


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