Inspiring Talk & Gourmet Culinary Weekend



    Raw Foods for Smart Busy People

    Join Master Raw Vegan Chef, Cherie Soria, and husband Dan Ladermann, Directors of Living Light International and authors of Raw Food for Dummies for a weekend that could transform your life forever!

    Learn how easy it can be to get started on the road to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle incorporating more delicious raw vegan foods no matter how busy you are! Find out why raw foods can help you gain more energy, feel younger, reduce colds, flus, allergies, and help maintain a healthy weight without dieting. Cherie and Dan will share their health, anti-aging and longevity secrets so you, too, can turn back the hands of time and create a life of vibrant health. In this pre-dinner talk, be prepared to be inspired and motivated to add more raw living foods to your diet–not only for the wellness benefits but because they are delicious, indulgent, and easy to prepare. Let Cherie and Dan help you "make healthy living delicious!"

    Following this inspiring talk, enjoy a gourmet living foods dinner planned by Master Raw Food Chef, Cherie Soria & prepared by Fivelements' Executive Chef, Made Runatha, and his team of devoted chefs.


    Hands-on Course Training

    The objective of this course is to demonstrate how easy it is to prepare delicious gourmet raw foods with flavor, texture, and appeal that are both satisfying and health promoting. The weekend course will be filled with a series of culinary demonstrations and short lectures followed by hands-on training. This personal attention and guidance allows participants to fully integrate what they have learned in the class. There will also be time each day to nurture yourself with Fivelements healing and beauty rituals.

    Cherie will demystify flavor dynamics and teach you how to identify and balance the five most important flavors used to create fabulous dressings, sauces, and soups. You will go away understanding when to use each flavor and how to combine them to create perfectly balanced recipes. Cherie will prepare several amazing dipping sauces to use in a variety of ways, including on wraps and rolls you prepare yourself that are easy to make and fun to eat.

    Cherie is a master instructor and can teach anyone to create beautifully prepared foods using basic kitchen supplies and equipment. Learn how to use knives like the pros, to create textures that enhance flavor and enjoyment. This exciting short course is suitable for novices and professionals alike.

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  • Cherie&DanCherie Soria & Dan Ladermann

    Raw Food Revolutionary, Cherie Soria, is the founder and director of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Fort Bragg, California, and has been teaching gourmet raw vegan cuisine to individuals, chefs, and instructors for over 16 years and vegetarian culinary arts for more than 40 years. Cherie is also the author of several books, including Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies, and the acclaimed, Raw Food Revolution Diet: Feast, Lose Weight, Gain Energy, Feel Younger!

    In 1992, after studying with Dr. Ann Wigmore in Puerto Rico, Cherie learned the principles of using whole, live foods to aid in healing and rejuvenation. She recognized the need to make these simple foods as nurturing to the soul as they are nourishing to the body, so she began creating a gourmet cuisine that would rival the most delicious traditional cooked foods. Since then, Cherie has personally trained many of the world's top raw food chefs and instructors.

    It is Cherie's mission to spread the benefits of raw living foods cuisine throughout the globe by training teachers and individuals to inspire others.

    Dan Ladermann was a pioneer in the internet revolution in the late 70’s and has been pioneering the raw food revolution and its impact on health for the past 15 years. He is co-author of Raw Food for Dummies and co-director of Living Light International along with his wife Cherie Soria. Dan is also president of the Institute for Vibrant Living, a non-profit organization dedicated to global education about raw organic plant-strong foods and their role in health and vitality. Dan is also a certified Hippocrates Health Educator.

    Chef Made RunathaExecutive Chef, Made Runatha

    After joining Fivelements as the healing and wellness destination's Executive Chef, Made Runatha began studying the art and science of vegan cuisine. With a vast knowledge in both European and Asian cuisine, combined with his years of experience in hotel restaurants in Bali and overseas, Made found himself facing a brand new challenge: How to make healthy food taste great?

    Made began researching everything he could from macrobiotics to ayurveda and by the support of Fivelements' founders, he went on to study at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, USA, under the tutelage of Master Chef & Founder, Cherie Soria, known as the Mother of Gourmet Raw Food Cuisine, where he later became the world's first Indonesian certified Gourmet Living Foods Chef.

    Combining his passion for learning with enormous creative talent, Made has become one of the world's top chefs dedicated to mastering the endless flavours, textures and techniques of plant-based, raw vegan, "living foods" cuisine.

    Renowned for its 3, 5 & 7-Course Chef's Tasting Menus, Fivelements Sakti Dining RoomTM offers an inspiring gastronomical experience that will take you on a wondrous adventure into the world of epicurean living foods. The primarily raw vegan dishes are exceptionally creative, bursting with surprising flavors and eye-opening presentations.

    We invite you to join this culinary event and training with the Mother of Gourmet Raw Vegan Cuisine, Cherie Soria.

  • Friday, 25 October After 14:00    Arrivals & Check-in & Orientation
    am-pm Free time for Healing & Beauty Rituals, Pool lounge
    Talk: Raw Food for Smart Busy People. Gourmet Raw Food Dinner prepared by Master Chef Cherie Soria & Fivelements' Chef Made Runatha

    Saturday, 26 October 07:00–08:00 Yoga
    08:15–09:00 Breakfast & Green Smoothies
    09:00–09:30 Orientation and Introduction to Class
    09:30–10:00 Culinary Demo: Five flavors for dynamic sauces. Learn how to balance flavors to make fantastic dressings and sauces. Cherie will prepare several amazing dipping sauces for students to use in a variety of ways when creating their own wraps and rolls.
    10:00–10:45 Culinary Demo: Basic knife skills. Learn how to use knives like the pros to create textures that enhance flavor and enjoyment. Cherie will also show a variety of ways cut vegetables for wraps and rolls that are easy to make and fun to eat
    10:45–11:00 Break/prepare for hands-on food preparation lab
    11:00–12:00 Knife skills lab: Students practice cutting vegetables like a pro (prepare/cut ingredients for wrap fillings under Cherie's guidance)
    12:00–12:30 Hands-0n Wrap and Roll Lab: Please play with your food! Have fun making wraps and rolls that suit your taste
    12:30–13:00 Group discussion and Q&A with Cherie
    13:00–14:00 Lunch buffet plus wraps and rolls
    14:00–16:00 Free time for Healing & Beauty Rituals, Pool lounge
    16:00–16:30 High Tea
    16:30–17:30 Free time for Healing & Beauty Rituals, Pool lounge
    17:30–21:00 Healthy Cocktails and Dinner

    Sunday, 27 October 07:00–08:00 Yoga
    08:15– 09:00 Breakfast & Green Smoothies
    09:00– 09:30 Talk: Feast, Lose Weight, Gain Energy, Feel Younger on Raw Foods
    09:30–10:30 Culinary Demo: Healthy everyday gourmet meals made easy
    10:30–10:45 Break/wash hands for food preparation lab
    10:45–11:45 Hands-on Gourmet Creations Lab: Have fun creating delicious, healthy, gourmet meals that are simple to make, incorporating all five flavors, great textures, and beautiful presentation
    11:45–12:00 Break
    12:00–12:30 Talk: Tips for creating a high raw lifestyle for health, beauty, and longevity
    12:30–13:00 Group discussion and Q&A with Cherie
    13:00–14:00 Lunch buffet plus student creations
    14:00–16:00 Free time for Healing & Beauty Rituals, Pool lounge
    16:00–16:30 High Tea
    16:30–17:30 Free time for Healing & Beauty Rituals, Pool lounge
    17:30–21:00 Healthy Cocktails and Dinner

    Monday, 28 October Open Breakfast
    Before 12pm Free time for Healing & Beauty Rituals, Pool lounge
    12:00 Check-out
  • Culinary Talk & Chef's Tasting Dinner


      Gourmet Culinary Retreat Weekend Including

    • Culinary Talk
    • Dinner + 2 days training



    Gourmet Culinary Retreat Weekend Including

    • Culinary Talk
    • Dinner
    • 2 days training
    • 3 nights accommodation at Fivelements

    $1800++  single occupancy

    $1350++  double occupancy

    * All prices are quoted in US dollars and are subject to 21% tax and service charge
  • Reservations:

    Reservations must be confirmed by 25 September 2013, 30 days prior to retreat start.

    Deposit & Cancellations:

    Your booking is guaranteed by a 50% non-refundable deposit via bank transfer. Balance of the remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to arrival and is non-refundable.

    Check-In / Check-Out:

    Check-In is from 2pm. Check-Out is by 12 noon


    As a healing destination retreat, Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa maintains a peaceful atmosphere integrated with nature. To this regard, we support a smoke-free & alcohol-free environment. Additionally, we kindly request that usage of all electronic devices be limited to guest rooms only. Our Sakti Dining Room offers gourmet raw vegan living cuisine.

    Special Discount for Guests participating in the Gourmet Culinary Retreat:

    20% discount for Fivelements' Healing, Beauty & Sacred Arts Rituals

    30% discount for additional night stays at Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa

    All bookings based on availability