The Worlds Greatest Food


  • The Worlds Greatest Food

    One of the world’s top authorities on natural health, beauty nutrition, herbalism, chocolate and organic foods, and author of  Superfoods : The Food and Medicine of the Future and Naked Chocolate, David Wolfe takes us on a journey unveiling the secrets of wellness and longevity as he presents in-depth information during this chocolate event.

    A leader in the field of vegan cuisine and natural nutrition, David Wolfe has dedicated more than 15 years to understanding the inner workings, delicate chemistry, and hardcore mechanics of the human body and the interaction with raw food.

    As founder of several green and eco-friendly businesses, Wolfe is considered an influential figure for sharing knowledge regarding the consumption of high quality, organic “super-foods” and healthy-lifestyle related products.

    Chocolate Celebration:

    • 5-course gourmet raw vegan dinner at Sakti Dining Room by acclaimed Chef Made Runatha
    • Ancient History of Cacao, presented by David Wolfe
    • Soul Dance performed by I NyomanSura (avantgarde Balinese dancer) and Percussions Journey
    • Tasting the gifts of raw chocolate

    Closing ceremony honoring cacao, the food of the Gods

  • Saturday, 12 March 2011

    4:30-7:30pm  Visionary Talk by David Wolfe

    Chocolate Celebration

  • Visionary Talk & Chocolate Celebration, Rp. 950.000++
    Visionary Talk only, Rp. 450,000++ 
    *All prices are in thousands of Indonesian rupiah and are subject to 21% tax & service charge