Sound Yoga Retreat - Bliss Retreat


Bliss Yoga Retreat
a profound exploration into bhakti yoga, sound healing and meditation.
1-7 June 2014

  • Bliss Yoga Retreat is a soulful immersion into Bhakti Yoga and the restorative healing power of sound facilitated by internationally acclaimed musicians and renowned Bhakti Yogis, Edo and Jo, who have dedicated their lives to conscious living, nada yoga (the yoga of sound) and humanitarian service.

    Combining the ancient Vedic wisdom with heart-awakening music, Bliss Bhakti Yoga promotes deep rest and restoration through a series of powerful practices, tools and techniques sure to impact your life. We invite you to experience this beautiful heart-awakening journey with Edo & Jo. The bliss that is ‘ananda’ is not just an emotion. It is the ineffable experience of peace, love and ecstasy from being in contact with the ultimate consciousness.

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  • The Philosophy

    Bhakti Yoga is the ancient Vedic path of unconditional love, surrender and devotion. Bhakti Yoga expands one’s self-awareness and self-love increasing creativity and serenity. Through the various practices, the mind is calm and the heart is at peace, giving rise to a more dynamic capacity to respond to life's challenges and demands artfully and effectively. Bhakti Yoga creates a sense of deeper connection to yourself and the world around you, revealing your deepest nature, 'Bliss'. As consciousness expands through these simple practices, it reveals those unsustainable habits and patterns that are holding you back from fulfilling your true potential. With greater clarity one naturally moves in the direction of progress and sustainability, a fine recipe for a joyful life.

    The Bhakti Yoga practices

    During the retreat, you will learn and experience:

    • A simple and profound 20 minute mantra meditation practice (puja) for personal daily use that brings the experience of love and wisdom from within.
    • Chakra Balancing Meditation (Chakra Dhyanam) — an ancient meditation for physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. A simple and profound technique using sound, visualization, and mudra (yogic hand gestures) that can be incorporated into daily life.
    • Nada Yoga — full body relaxation with guided meditation and live music drawing on the ancient yogic practice of sound and tone.
    • A simple and effective yoga asana sequence to add to your spiritual practice to increase your resting capacity
    • Pranayama — Yogic breathing exercises and mantras that enliven the mind and promote deep connection to your feelings, intuition and soul force
    • Mantras — healing sounds to balance your energy and rejuvenate your organs that can be practiced any time anywhere.
    • Vedic wisdom concerning the nature of consciousness and how it applies to negotiating life’s challenges and demands.
    • Puja — Ancient Vedic Fire ceremonies to connect with Spirit, Nature’s five elements and send healing energy of peace to the world.
  • …for the body, mind and soul

    The Sound Yoga component is a comprehensive and profoundly simple healing system for body and mind. Included in Sound Yoga is the chakra balancing meditation and sound relaxation, in which we are able to receive the equivalent of several hours of deep sleep. This re-energising technique balances our energy centers (chakras), which are related to our nervous system, organs and emotion. The immune function is boosted and the body has a greater capacity to recover from stress, fatigue, illness and disease. The nervous system restores itself and bliss prevails.

    Your participation in Bliss Yoga Retreat is also an opportunity to experience the joy of giving and benefiting the lives of others as 10 % of profits will be donated to A Sound Life, an international music and yoga charity founded by Edo and Jo to bring the healing and creative power of music and yoga to those in need. Funds raised from Bliss Retreat will be allocated to setting up the Tejakula Sound School – a gamelan orchestra for underprivileged children in North Bali.

    We will also be visiting a local Orphanage to personally share time, songs and sponsor lunch for the children.
  • www.edoandjo.com

    We believe that we are here to lead a purposeful life and nurture creativity, compassion and joy. Through music, yoga and seva (humanitarian service), we invite you on the journey to physical wellbeing and inner harmony.” 

    Edo and Jo are acclaimed Australian mantra musicians. For the past six years they have toured extensively throughout Australia, South-East Asia and India, emerging at the forefront of kirtan’s next generation.

    Edo and Jo’s music is an enchanting mix of Eastern mantra and Western pop that is both soothing and uplifting. Grounded in the bhakti yoga tradition and vedic lineage through the teachings of their guru and living saint Sri Sakthi Amma (whom they reside half the year with in South India), their music is a gentle and powerful invitation into the depths of the heart.

    Their Sacred Sound Yoga sessions combine yoga asana, mantra, chakra meditation and sound relaxation to create a journey for emotional release, physical wellbeing and inner transformation.

    Edo and Jo have co-headlined Australia’s major yoga and bhakti festivals, including Byron Spirit Festival (2012, 2013), Sydney Spirit Festival (2013), Bhakti Bliss (2013) and Bodhi Festival (2012) which featured Dave Stringer, Jai Uttal and Deva Premal. They accompanied Dave Stringer on his Australian tour in 2009 and have played with him on subsequent visits.

    They facilitate ‘Bliss’ bhakti yoga retreats at Bali’s award-winning Fivelements Healing Spa  (where they are also part of the Sacred Arts team), have held an annual kirtan residency at Ubud Yoga Barn since 2011, and headlined regular weekend retreats at Satyananda Australia Ashram since 2012. They have chanted at various yoga retreats with international yoga teachers including Twee Merrigan, Emil Wendel, and Paul Dallaghan, and are regular invitees to Australia’s most respected yoga schools.

    Edo and Jo run bhakti yoga workshops and are faculty members for several leading yoga teacher-training programs in Bali and Australia including Yoga Arts, Yoga Coach, Cat Kabira, Radiantly Alive, Santosha and BodyMindLife.

    Dedicated to conscious living and seva, they co-founded A SOUND LIFE in 2013, a charity providing free yoga and music to the underprivileged, aged, sick and those with special needs.

    Edo Kahn was previously signed with Virgin/EMI with his rock bands Gelbison and Kahn Brothers, and is an APRA award-winning songwriter. Jo Mall Kahn is a singer-songwriter / electronic artist, classically trained musician and also a qualified yoga teacher. Their music was recently aired on ABC Radio National (November 2013) with a feature piece on their spiritual journey and the power of chanting (listen here).

    Kirtan Alive, their first album, was released in 2012 and is one of Australia’s best selling kirtan CDs. Their new double album - chant and Sacred Sound Yoga  - will be released in April 2014.

    Edo and Jo will be touring Australia-wide in July 2014, before embarking on their first world tour, through North America, Europe and Asia, in August.


    1. Jagadambe Ma Live @ Yogabarn, Bali

    2. Om Shanti @ 1 Giant Mind

    3. Byron Spirit Festival (with Gyuto Monks), Australia

    4. Music | Yoga | Seva Promo Video (feat. Kirtan Alive CD)

    5. Sacred Sound Yoga

    6. Om Shakti Live @ Sydney, Australia

    ABC Radio National Interview – November 2013

    Australia’s largest radio network interview about our spiritual journey, chanting and the power of sound.









  • Daily Sample Itinerary:

    7:00—9:00 am  Gentle Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Mantras
    9:00—10:00 am Breakfast
    10:00—1:00 pm

    Free Time and/or Wellness Rituals / Orphanage Outing / Instruction for Mantra Meditation (Puja) practice

    1:00 pm Lunch
    2:00—4:30 pm Free Time and/or Wellness Rituals
    4:30—6:30 pm  Sound Yoga – incl. Chakra Balancing Meditation
    6:30—7.30 pm Dinner
    7:30 pm

    Satsang: Knowledge Talks on Spiritual Theme / Virtue of the Day and / or pre—bedtime Sound Relaxation

  • 6-Night Bliss Yoga Retreat:

    $4,350 single occupancy

    $2,950 double occupancy*

    * Prices are per person and quoted in US dollars NET, inclusive of 21% tax and service charges.
    * 10% of profits are donated to A SOUND LIFE
    * Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for inquiries and reservations.

    Price includes:

    • 6-Nights Accommodation in one of our exclusive riverside suites
    • Gourmet Healing Cuisine Buffet Meals and Juices (6 breakfasts / 5 lunches / 6 dinners)
    • Daily Bhakti Yoga practice (including yoga asanas, sound yoga, chakra balancing meditation, sound relaxation, mantra practice and kirtan)
    • Satsong Knowledge Talks – each day will be centered around a different spiritual theme and how to apply it in our daily lives
    • 2 Vedic Blessing Ceremonies
    • 1 Traditional Balinese Massage
    • 1 Beauty Ritual
    • 1 Excursion to Orphanage/School
    • Use of riverfront Pool Lounge
    • Edo and Jo Sound Yoga CD, including guided Chakra Meditation
  • Reservations:

    Reservations must be confirmed by 24 February 2013, 30 days prior to retreat start.

    Deposit & Cancellations:

    Your booking is guaranteed by a 50% non-refundable deposit via bank transfer. Balance of the remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to arrival and is non-refundable.

    Check-In / Check-Out:

    Check-In is from 2pm. Chec-Out is by 12 noon


    As a healing destination retreat, Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa maintains a peaceful atmosphere integrated with spirit, human nature. To this regard, we support a smoke-free alcohol-free and meat-free environment. Additionally, we kindly request that usage of all electronic devices be limited to the guest rooms and above the Sakti Dining RoomTM. Our Sakti Dining RoomTM offers gourmet raw vegan living cuisine as well as delicious and healthy prepared cooked dishes.

    Special Savings for guests participating in the Bliss Yoga Retreat:

    • 20% discount for additional Fivelements' Healing & Beauty Rituals (in addition to those included in the retreat).
    • 30% discount for additional night stays (before or after the retreat period) at Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa, Bali.
    • All bookings based on availability.