“Loving Kindness” for the Wellness of Humanity

new year 2014

 In the Spirit of the New Year: “Loving Kindness” for the Wellness of Humanity

A Spiritual Talk, Dinner & Fire Ceremony

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

 6:30pm   Arrivals
 7:00pm  Spiritual Talk, Meditation & Blessing
 8:30pm  5 to 7-Course Chef's Tasting Menu
 10:00pm   New Year's Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony

We invite you to steep in the atmosphere of this sacred evening as we ring in the New Year in the Spirit of Love.

Please join us in our fourth annual event, In the Spirit of the New Year, featuring a talk on Loving Kindness for the Wellness of Humanity with:

Merta Ada, one of Asia’s most distinguished meditation teachers for the 21st century.

Born into a Buddhist family in the hills of north Bali, Merta Ada began practicing meditation as a young child. Over the years, he studied with several meditation gurus and healers in Bali and India, ranging from well-known Buddhist and Hindu priests to traditional Balinese and Chinese healers to achieved medical doctors.

Today, Merta Ada is among Bali’s most prominent meditation teachers. With over 80,000 students worldwide, he is renowned for his extraordinary wisdom in meditation and empowering approach to self-healing.

Join us for this enlightening spiritual talk & meditation on Loving Kindness for the Wellness of Humanity.

Flow with us in a 5 & 7 course Chef's tasting dinner into the Sakti Dining RoomTM where we will be mesmerised by the sacred sounds of the elaborated Giri Suara, Jegog Gamelan ensemble.The Jegog is a famous form of gamelan music born of the giant bamboo and indigenous to Bali's western Jembrana Regency. One orchestra is composed of fourteen bamboo xylophones, whose tubes may reach lengths of upto three metres. The Jegog orchestra is the world's only bamboo percussion with a 4-tone scale. The four tones signify the four directions of north, south, east and west. In Balinese Hinduism, each direction houses its own God and in the center of all is the highest God, Shiva.

Ring in the New Year with an unforgettable Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony led by Balinese priests and hotris.


 Full Event with 5-Course Dinner  Rp. 950,000++ per person
 Full Event with a 7-Course Dinner  Rp. 1,150,000++ per person
 Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony only   Rp. 300,000 NET per person

Full Event includes:

  • Spiritual Talk & Meditation with Merta Ada
  • 5 or 7-Course Gourmet Dinner
  • Special New Year’s Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony


  • This event is by reservation only.
  • Dress code for Agni Hotra Ceremony: Balinese white sarong
  • 50% of the proceeds of Agni Hotra are dedicated to the preservation of Balinese ancient palm-leaf medical manuscripts.

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