Sarvaiswarya Puja Fire Ceremony, presided by Amma’s Senior Disciple, Swamiji

Swamiji ceremony

Sarvaiswarya Puja Fire Ceremony & Dinner, Wednesday, 19 June 2013, 5pm onward

Sarvaiswarya Puja is a divine ritual where the thousand sacred names of the Goddess are chanted with extreme devotion. During the puja flowers are offered in front of the lighted lamps as the Acharyan chants the main mantras. The participants repeat the mantra 'Om Parasakthiye Nama'.

We invite you to join us for this divine blessing.

About Amma

HH Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, also known as Amma or ‘The Hugging Saint’ is a renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader. Amma conceived and runs a global network of charitable projects called Embracing the World, that support causes relating to women, children, disaster relief, public health, and preservation of nature. Amma is a spiritual leader whose life is her message - love and compassion is demonstrated by Amma's embracing of well over 32 million people worldwide.

About Swamiji

Swamiji is a Senior Disciple of Amma. Currently, Swamiji is a trustee and Secretary-General of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math, the foundation under which Amma’s service programmes are carried out. He has additional responsibilities overseeing the M.A. Math’s operations in Japan and Singapore, visiting each location every year to conduct various programs. Swamiji is an engineer and research scientist by earlier training. It has been said that intellectually, Swamiji is scientifically-oriented, but his soul is that of an artist. Swamiji is an accomplished flautist, has composed many popular bhajans (devotional songs), and has been Amma’s harmonium player for many years.

Please join us for this divine blessing with Swamiji, a senior disciple of Amma, accompanied by Balinese hotri priests.


5pm    Arrival
5:30pm    Amma’s Message (video)
6pm    Sarvaiswarya Puja Fire Ceremony
8pm approx    Dinner


Ceremony Only              by donation at puja
* 100% of the donations from the ceremony are designated for Amma’s projects: www.amma.org.

3-Course,             Rp. 350,000++
5-Course Dinner,   Rp. 550,000++
* 20% of the proceeds from Dinner are also designated for Amma’s projects: www.amma.org
* All prices are in Indonesian rupiah and are subject to 21% tax & service charge.

By reservation only.

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