Wednesday, 05 April 2017 15:22

Asian Restaurant of the Year 2017

The Fivelements team is honoured to receive another cuisine recognition – Asian Restaurant of the Year 2017 (Ubud, Indonesia) given by Luxury Travel Guide.

The Luxury Travel Awards celebrate the high performance of the top-quality travel and touristic services all over the world. Winners of the Award are selected by the judging panel upon meeting the strong requirements for excellent customer care and significant achievements in the hospitality industry.

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Thursday, 09 July 2015 20:12

Balinese Super foods

Even though there are thousands of so-called super foods out there, a true super food is any natural food with a high nutrient density in its original state.

Usually these foods grow in the wild and are often pulled out as weeds in the garden. They are not cultivated or hybridized, but are sturdy plants with a strong life force energy. In addition to their nutritional value they often have medicinal value; they are both food and medicine.

These potent life-giving foods can assist us to meet and exceed all of our body’s nutritional requirements and nourish us at the deepest level possible. They are an excellent choice to improve our overall health, boost the immune system, elevate serotonin production, enhance sexuality and cleanse and alkalize the body.

Best of all, eating these superfoods can be fast, easy, fresh and fun.

1. Raw Cacao

I like raw cacao for its rich, deep taste and layers of tropical flavours. Raw cacao is the purest, highest quality of cacao, and it can make us feel euphoric and energized for hours. It also has therapeutic properties and is a medicine for the heart.

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