I Nyoman Sudanta, High Priest at Fivelements

I Nyoman Sudanta, the High Priest at Fivelements, plays a vital role in each guests’ stay – one of the most memorable experiences at Fivelements is the fire ceremony, or Agni Hotra. This initiation into the healing space that is Fivelements, this opportunity to experience one of the highest Vedic rituals, and to set your intention for your stay, is incredibly powerful and healing, and you’ll find it resonates in your memory throughout your retreat.

In Sanskrit, Agni means ‘fire’ and Hotra means ‘healing’, and the practice is currently undergoing a renaissance.

Throughout the ceremony, I Nyoman Sudanta performs symbolic actions and mesmerizing recitations of Sanskrit mantras. Offerings of ghee and rice, to invoke health and abundance, are thrown into the fire by guests as well as the priest. Add the enthralling qualities of the fire and your internal intention, and the experience can deliver a profound spiritual healing. You may uncover a guiding life direction or intention.

Born in Penarukan Singaraja in the north of Bali 64 years ago, I Nyoman Sudanta is a high priest, Pandita Agni in Balinese. Descended from a family of priests after his father and grandfather, he started his spiritual career in 2003 following a strong and life-changing intuition. Since then, he has undergone several rituals as he has ascended the priestly hierarchy and his current full title is Pandita Agni Bang Wiwekananda Baskara.

While many Balinese priests serve as mediators between the earthly and spiritual realms, (sekala and niskala, the seen and the unseen, the sacred and the profane, the mortal and the divine, man and gods), I Nyoman Sudanta possesses higher and wider authority, and is sanctioned to use esoteric incantations and sophisticated rituals and symbols during his ceremonies.

He joined Fivelements in February 2013 and is the master of the Agni Hotra, the extraordinary healing fire ceremony.

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