Introducing Fivelements New Chef Joao Ricardo Alves

“I am very excited to create dishes and combine flavours with best products earth can provide...”

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Joao Ricardo Alves as our new Head Chef at Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa in Bali. Hailing from Brazil, Joao brings a broad range of experience in culinary arts with a specialty in gourmet plant-based cuisine and nutrition from highly acclaimed vegan restaurants reaching as far as Europe, including the continent’s only Michelin starred Joia in Milan, and most recently, Farmacy in London.

“We are thrilled to welcome Chef Joao into our Fivelements family and already see him lighting up the Sakti Dining Room™ with his beautiful hand crafted cuisine and corason de Brazil,” state co-founders, Lahra and Chicco Tatriele. “I am honoured to be here and have a huge respect for the work of Fivelements as a pioneer in wellness and plant-based cuisine,” Chef Joao shares.

“I look forward to bringing my experience in fine dining and nutrition and exploring the amazing abundance of local ingredients from Bali. It is really exciting to be working together with Fivelements’ talented kitchen team to develop new recipes and creative ideas in evolutionary plant-based cuisine.”

Joao lives, breathes and “Om”s his philosophy of health, through his actions and beliefs as well as through his cooking. He brings his classic techniques and incredible attention to detail to the tropical goodness that Bali’s lands grow, coaxing the very best out of each individual ingredient and then combining it, elevating the tastes and textures into a dish of magical harmony.

It all started in a bakery in Brazil...

Joao started his career in his hometown of Sao Paolo in Brazil. He loved helping in his father’s bakery when he was young, and still remembers the smell of the bread, the heat of the ovens, the camaraderie of the bakers.

Following his desire to learn the foundations of classic cuisine, he moved to Europe after graduation, spending six years travelling and working as a traditional French chef and honing his skills at fine dining and Michelin starred restaurants.

Classic to clean

It was when he was working in France that he began to feel an overwhelming need to take a new direction in his personal and professional philosophies, realising that working with meat and animal products didn’t feel right. One day he was working with, and eating, meat every day; the next he stopped. He started to focus on nutrition and became passionate about learning as much as possible, using his own body as an experiment lab. A few months on a plant-based diet and he had more energy, felt his fitness improve, was less aggressive and more focused.

A new focus

At Terre à Terre, one of the Uk’s leading vegetarian restaurants in Brighton, his career blossomed, he felt at one with his new purpose and he started practicing yoga at the same time.

Keen to keep learning and growing, Joao visited Joia, the only Michelin starred vegetarian restaurant in Europe, located in Milan. He immediately fell in love with the food and managed to join the team, becoming Chef de Partie.

And so to Asia...

Two plus years later it was time for him to take a sabbatical and spread his wings. He chose India in order to further his yoga practice, then travelled to Bali, falling in love with the island, the people, the culture and the peace.

Upcoming Dinner Club events

Please join us at one of our upcoming Dinner Club events and taste Chef Joao’s new culinary creations.

Upcoming Dinner Club events

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