Fivelements Sakti Dining Room™ awarded Global Winner for Gourmet Vegan Cuisine by World Luxury Restaurant Awards

We are thrilled and honoured to share this most recent recognition as
the Global Winner for Gourmet Vegan Cuisine from the World Luxury Restaurants Awards.

Looking back five and a half years ago when we opened the gate to Fivelements, we had hoped our guests would respond well to our integrative holistic wellness concept. Incorporating traditional Balinese healing and wellness, plant-based living foods cuisine, sacred arts and sustainable design, the innovate healing concepts such as Sakti Dining Room™ are inspired by and born in Bali and are entirely representative of this idea.

Through years of discovery, research, healing, illness and experiencing the extraordinary healing impact of eating plant-based foods firsthand, we cultivated a vision for Fivelements’ cuisine: creating an artisanal gastronomic journey with natural, organic, wild-harvested and locally-sourced ingredients from Bali and nearby. We wanted people to experience eating well, eating for energy, beauty and longevity and most importantly, enjoying a beautiful meal prepared with Love.

After diligent research and trial during our development, our intention for Fivelements’ Sakti Dining Room™ became clear: “to inspire and share this unique culinary experience, featuring the world’s most innovative, life-invigorating cuisine!”

Today, we are humbly honored to share this success with all of our Friends of Fivelements and supporters. Winning this award has strengthened our commitment to our mission to bring plant-based cuisine into international recognition, shifting old thinking and inspire people through experience to learn that healthy food not only tastes great, but rivals any cuisine in the world today!”

“Fivelements has made great inroads for raw vegan cuisine around the world. We couldn't be more proud of what you've accomplished since our fateful meeting back in 2007. You were visionaries then, and are still leading the way!! Congratulations once again for another well-deserved award!” (Cherie Soria, Master Chef & Co-founder Living Light Culinary Institute).

Recently passing our five-year anniversary, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our guests and partners for supporting us along this incredible journey, for taking part in cultivating our vision of Learning to Love and Respect Life and for entrusting us to pursue our mission of Creating the Space for Life Transformation and Love in Action.

A Bali-born, Bali-inspired company, Fivelements was conceived from the collective dream of its co-founders in 2007. We envisioned a place that could share the best of Bali – its rich spiritual healing culture, the extraordinary people, the ancient rituals still practiced and the intense nature of this blessed fertile land. Reflecting upon the state of the world eight years ago and foreseeing the enormous challenges and development to come, not only on a global front but also in Bali, our intentions became clear:

To co-create the first of a new genre of eco-conscious healing and wellness destinations and services in Bali, that would convey:

◦ Our vision for Love and its power to transform
◦ Our aspiration for bridging the wisdom, philosophies and healing practices of traditional cultures with innovative wellness products, programmes and services
◦ And an eco-consciousness linking our mission to inspiring well-living design

In late 2010, Fivelements opened its doors to share our vision and these intentions. Today, Fivelements is celebrated as one of the most awarded wellness retreats in Asia, most notable for its unique concept, innovative wellness retreats and programmes, spiritual architecture and inspiring eco-design, and great-tasting rejuvenating healing cuisine. Beyond these achievements and recognition, however, we feel most humbly honoured to continue creating and holding the space for you, our cherished guests, to endure inspiring, life transformational experiences while with Fivelements.

On behalf of our Fivelements co-founders and our employee family, we thank you for your support in achieving a beautiful foundation for our mission to evolve and flourish, helping more people live more happily with truth and authenticity at heart.  

Lahra & Chicco Tatriele,
Fivelements co-founders

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