Introducing Fivelements Ambassadors

“Call it karma, call it Love in Action, call it the magic of Fivelements –
Many of our guests return to our retreat because they feel a deep connection to the
sacred site and our staff, because they have experienced  a positive impact from our
healing, wellness therapies and cuisine, and because they have a beautiful feeling
about Fivelements in their hearts.” 
Co-founder & Vision Director, Lahra Tatriele

Whatever their motivations, our guests’ passion for Fivelements has inspired us to invite select retreaters to become Fivelements Ambassadors. Truly engaged in their own wellbeing, the wellbeing of those close to them and of the world as a whole, our Fivelements Ambassadors are all extraordinary individuals who stand as an inspiration to us all.

Mr. Saeed Al Muntafiq
Launching this exciting initiative, our first ambassador is Saeed Al Muntafiq of UAE. Saeed is a versatile senior executive with vast experience in the international arena, a career traversing diverse industries, and a proven track record in delivering seemingly impossible results. His career undoubtedly reflects achievements in firmly situating the United Arab Emirates on the global map with a strong focus on Dubai.

Executive Chairman, co-founder and advisory for many businesses and mentor for numerous colleagues today, Saeed, like many high level executives, found himself exceedingly busy, stressed and in dire need of a break.

Then he came to Fivelements.

“I came because I wanted a few massages, good service and a quiet place where I could think and learn,” he says. “What I found was you - The Change Angels.”

In the middle of his two-week Tri Kara Parisudha detox retreat, Saeed turned on his laptop to find a virus deleting two years of hard work, photos and memories in front of his eyes. No back up. His mind instinctively rushed through a list of resources and options that might help him salvage his files. “But then, three or four minutes after the 'disaster', something interesting happened,” he recalls. “I realised I wasn't angry, upset or sad. I suddenly stopped thinking about contingency plans, which calmed me even further. Then it hit me – so what? It's not the end of the world. I'm still here, still have my health, my family are all well, my friends are fine – it's just a laptop.”

Rather than seeing this as a disaster, as his instincts dictated, he unlearned his usual personal mindset. “It was a core lesson for every aspect of my life – the way I treat people, my eating habits, my demeanor, the way I walk or even breathe,” he says. “Today, I am a much happier man.”

“We all need a reboot in our mindsets, attitudes and approaches from time to time,” he adds. “When your computer crashes into the future, whether it's your machine or mental software, don't consider it a crisis, but an opportunity to think in new, inspiring ways and hone down to what's really important. I look forward to the next time my files get erased.”

Seven days later he left Fivelements a new person, writing the following letter with thanks:

“Dear Change Angels,

I wanted to send you a small note to say thank you. God has given me the opportunity to experience many deep failures and huge success. Through them all I have realised to never stop learning. Never stop trying to be a better human being. That is what brought me to Fivelements. I came ‘cause I wanted a few massages, good service and a quiet place where I could think and learn. What I found was you. The Change Angels.

I leave your paradise a changed and a better human being. I leave now to become, with humility, an Ambassador of yours.

I leave to start my new journey equipped with the knowledge you have so generously passed to me. Your attention to me, the caring I have seen in the way you have interacted with me and your acceptance to bring me in as one of yours on the first day of my arrival, is a story I will tell my grand children, God willing.

I say thank you for changing my life, My Change Angels.”

Mr. Saeed Al Muntafiq (Dubai)
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