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REFILL BALI is a worldwide initiative that has arrived in Bali, and Fivelements is delighted to announce that it has joined the green movement. REFILL BALI offers a map of places where travellers and residents can refill their water bottles with safe, filtered water for free.

Ranging from retreats, restaurants, cafes and warungs, galleries and shops, participating businesses are delighted to provide free (or low-cost) drinking water.

At Fivelements, we offer free water to any guest who brings their own water bottle, as well as providing retreat guests with their own water bottles.

Over 60 per cent of Bali’s water is used by tourists or tourism businesses, however the island’s supply is at crisis point. It is essential that everyone work together to help conserve water so that it is available for agriculture and other vital aspects of island life, as well as tourism.

At the same time, plastics are making their presence felt throughout Bali, an island where previously only organic materials were used. This modern day pollution must be curbed, and reducing plastic waste by making it easy for tourists and residents alike to refill their water bottles is a significant advance.

By refilling water bottles, rather than buying new single-use plastic water bottles, everyone is helping to preserve the eco-system and beauty of the island. All the businesses that are taking part are proactively making a positive impact on their communities and those of the whole island.

Fivelements is just one of the network of businesses offering this essential service.

Check out more information at www.refillbali.com

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