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Good morning,

I had to share how I feel and express my gratitude to every one that made this possible !!

I ve been here for 6 days, I just finished my yoga/meditation class and realizing how present I feel and how my body and mind feels energized and light, free from anything that drag my spirit down it is a feeling beyond description !! Just like the flaw of the river pure joy :)

The team is amazing, and unforgatble special thanks to Isa my gardian angel that made all my wishes come true !!! Anuk my patient yoga instructor that did wonders in few days !! And offcourse the artist chef MADE that made the food that I never ate the most pleasurable and tasty !!!
And all the healers and the priests thank you for the time and the effort done with love.
Thank you to everyone whom magically make my room ready to start the day and ready to go to sleep!!

Still have 2 days left but I already know i will be back again :)