Holiday Season at Fivelements: 5 Ways to Start the New Year with Renewed Body and Soul

Fivelements’ team invites you to spend the seasonal holidays in the company of like-minded change-makers. Let us fill your new year with positive vibes and love in action.

We have emotional, spiritual and physical rejuvenation in store for you. Choose the one that suits you the most.

1. Celebrating Christmas: Treat Yourself to a Five-Course Chef’s Tasting Menu

Celebrate Christmas Eve with a remote river-front dining ceremony. For everyone who feels the desire to spend the Christmas holidays on a gastronomical journey, we offer Christmas Eve Dinner on December 24 and Christmas Day Brunch on December 25. Treat yourself and nourish your body and soul with our award-winning plant-based cuisine at Fivelements Sakti Dining Room™.

2. New Year Celebration: Farewell to 2018 and Praise the Good of 2019

Fivelements’ Annual New Year Event is the combination of a healing fire ceremony, Agni Hotra, and a Five-Course Chef’s Tasting Menu at our award-winning Sakti Dining Room™. Share our intention of learning and transforming on December 31, on the eve of the new year, manifesting a new and better world. Taste nature’s finest cuisine during dinner, and join the priests at the purifying Agni Hotra ceremony, celebrating the new year, so 2019 can be filled with creative energy, bright thoughts and love for yourself and the whole world.

3. Start 2019 with a New Version of Yourself

After the New Year Brunch on January 1, we invite you to spend your wellness New Year holidays with us at Fivelements. Choose one of the Sacred Arts or Exclusive Day Experiences programs, embark on a Healing Journey or make a new start with a Wellness Consultation. Enjoy the soothing, flowing sound of the Ayung River while staying at one of our riverside suites. Tranquility, peace and unity with the natural surroundings – Fivelements is created as a getaway from the city rush and daily routine, helping you to release tension and rejuvenate completely immersed in nature.

4. Give the Gift of Wellness

Give the best gift to yourself and your loved ones with our Gift Certificates. If your dearest one needs to take a breath and have a break from their daily work life, we have everything to make them happier and healthier. Send your loved ones on a wellness journey or accompany them to Fivelements. Contact us so we can guide you through the variety of Gift Certificate options. Give care and show gratefulness with the help of Fivelements’ stays and retreat programs and feel the energy of love in action!

5. Plan Your Relaxing and Reviving Holidays Ahead

When planning the upcoming year, make sure to carve out some time for some relaxation and renewal for yourself. Here at Fivelements you can spend up to 21 days on our Signature Retreat Programmes. Choose the one you need the most: Panca Mahabhuta for regeneration and replenishment; Tri Kaya Parisudha for detoxification and transformation; or Cuisine for Life™ for health, beauty and longevity. Make your reservation in advance to ensure the most convenient dates are still available.

Take this opportunity to spend your vacation, experiencing all the benefits for physical, emotional and spiritual health!

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