Living in Harmony by Helen

At Fivelements we are dedicated to living with mindfulness and living in harmony. But how to keep yourself physical, mental and emotional calm in this world? Here we present the fifth of our series of staff recommendations for how to ensure that balance, happiness and health, rather than stress, take over our lives.

Helena Izhoykina, marketing manager

“My dearest Papa taught me that, ‘All material is ash, and our soul is eternal’. I accept this philosophy fully and so it is easy for me not to care about many of the material things that usually cause stress. I avoid feeling stressed whenever possible and don’t let circumstances ruin my life balance.”

Here are Helen’s top recommendations for staying on top of life’s demands:

1 – Take immediate action – Life is not always easy and our daily routines (kids, work, house, family responsibilities etc.), are full of surprises, unexpected and often unanticipated. So if there is a problem and I am able to solve it, I make a plan and start acting straight away.

2 – Prioritize – Prioritizing the most important things helps a lot. I love the rule “one day – one task”. Start as early as you can, avoid multitasking (switch your mail off for a while and make sure nothing can spoil your work atmosphere), focus on the one main task you have for today, and just do it!

3 – Celebrate achievement – Let your body produce those hormones of satisfaction and happiness when you achieve something. It will help you to continue your day and allow you to perform the additional small tasks (mailbox etc.) while retaining this great feeling with real pleasure.

4 – Stay balanced – If your balance is under threat, then breath, meditate, dance. I find yoga is very helpful, especially when focusing on breathing exercises too, bringing me into the present moment and calming my mind. Alternatively, 15 minutes of reading a fairy tale, or even better, drawing with your kids is wonderful. Find what is appropriate for you and beneficial at the same time.

5 – Move – Physical activity, preferably outside, helps me reduce stress. Running for example is a great way to let the physical work hard while the mental and emotional sides of me relax.

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