Living in Harmony by Stefanie Jencquel

At Fivelements we are plugged into living with a conscious mindfulness. In a world that seems to be run by stress, we understand why it is so important to have an antidote that brings physical, mental and emotional calm. Here we present the next of our series of staff recommendations for how to ensure that balance, happiness and health, rather than stress, take over our lives.

Stefanie Jencquel, Wellness Consultant

“Nature, meditation, massage and cuddling are all on my short list for dealing with stress. When life is threatening to become stressful, retreat to the elements of life that really matter – nature, nourishment, peace and love.”

Here are Stefanie’s top recommendations for staying on top of life’s demands:

1 – Get out into nature – I take son Django and we go for a walk through rice paddies and watch ducks running around or bird watch.

2 – Soothe the soul with herbal tea – To get into a comfortable and relaxed mood I drink delicious and calming camomile with fennel and lavender. I grind them myself in my Balinese volcanic stone mortar then steep them in hot water.

3 – Don’t forget meditation – I love Michael’s Ahhh Inspiring Meditation CD. So simple, it only takes 30 minutes. When I am exhausted I use the lying down version rather than the sitting version, and afterwards I feel I have rested far longer than half an hour.

4 – Cuddle with my cats – Studies suggest that petting your cat is stress relieving, having a positive effect on our psychological wellbeing, lowering blood pressure, warding off depression... And it relaxes the cat and the human, so everyone wins.

5 – Healing via massage – A once-a-week massage helps enormously, even a self-massage with coconut or sesame oil is beautifully relaxing before stepping into the shower.

The full CD can be purchased on iTunes, by searching for Michael Hallock or Ahhh Inspiring Meditation.

You can listen first with free streaming of the Bliss Body guided meditation on Insight Timer.

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