Living in Harmony – by Fivelements Co-founder

At Fivelements we are guided and inspired by the universal wisdom of Balinese philosophy and have embodied the notion of Tri Hita Karana, living in harmony among spirit, human and nature, as our definition of "living well." In a world that seems to be run by schedules, appointments and tasks, we recognise the importance of having antidotes that bring physical, mental and emotional calm. Here, we present the first of our series of Fivelements' tips on how to ensure that health, happiness and harmony, rather than stress, lead our lives.

Lahra Tatriele, Co-founder and Vision Director

“I love this old image of our family above as it reminds me of a very special time in our lives just one year before we opened Fivelements, Bali! During the middle of our recruitment period, we were invited by a group of Balinese healers on a sacred pilgrimage off the east coast of the mainland, a place we had never been before, known to be a strong point and healing power for Bali..and the world. It was an extraordinary experience, as one can see this from the spirit of our expressions. But most of all, this image reminds me that every once in a while, it’s so important to journey into the unknown as a family.

For me, nothing beats restoring me to centre than heart-centered family time!

One of my favourite times of day is that ‘Magic Hour’ before our children go to sleep – the bedtime rituals are essential, even sacred. I just love that warm and cozy cuddle with each of my three children before they nod off. It feels like synching our auras at the end of the day. Family meals too, bring the team together - like setting and re-setting the days. Weekend rituals like family hikes, adventurous excursions and movie nights are also important and fun.

And at life’s core, I believe a well-balanced intake loaded with fresh, colourful organic produce and whole foods is the foundation and fuel for a healthy, spirited and sustainable life.”

Here are Lahra’s key recommendations for staying on top of life’s demands:

1 – Just do it! – Don’t think about the number of tasks on your list, just hunker down and do it! (often easier said than done but it really does work!)

2 – Physical nutrition – A healthy, plant-based diet with lots of water, good tea and quality rest (seven to eight hours a night) are key.

3 – Emotional nutrition – I love to hang out with my children. I find them very calming and quickly regain personal grounding and perspective as to what’s important in life. The high vibration of family and friends around you offers essential support.

4 – Daily practices – Yoga, meditation and outdoor exercise with exposure to the sun for Vitamin D absorption, etc. is all-important. If you feel yourself falling out of routine, as I sometimes do, it is important not to beat yourself up but simply adapt and evolve into the next supportive practice that works for you. We are a multi-dimensional, sophisticated human race, constantly evolving, and thus, so should our practice..

5 – Discernment – A bright consciousness and discernment to what we expose ourselves daily is critical. Our lives are so dynamic and multi-dimensional, never before have we had so much access to information and news, which while incredibly informative, can also hinder our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance, if not filtered appropriately.

6 – Responsibility to ourselves – We create our own lives, our love, stress and health. It is vital we own this responsibility and adopt an on-going personal mission. When we ‘create the will to transform through Love,’ miracles are manifested through our conscious connection.

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