International Yoga Day shines a spotlight on the invaluable practice of Yoga

Indian PM Narendra Modi imitated International Yoga Day (IYD), choosing June 21st as it falls on the longest day in the year, the summer solstice, the day upon which Lord Shiva is said to have started teaching yoga to mankind. Floating the idea at the UN’s General Assembly, a record number of 175 nations co-sponsored the resolution and the first IYD took place last year.

In New Delhi alone, the first International Yoga Day saw nearly 36,000 people from 84 nations performing 21 asanas for 35 minutes, making two Guinness World Records. And encouraging millions more to joined them, some first-timers, from across the world.

At Fivelements daily meditation and yoga are part of the ‘Living your Yoga in Bali’ approach, introducing a dharmic lifestyle to guests through the following five principles...

  1. Embodying the spiritual in everyday life. Yoga is about connecting and uniting with the sacred or Divine. Daily meditation and yoga helps us expand ourselves and embody spirit.
  2. Applying what we learn in the philosophy of yoga and the asanas to the various situations in our daily life. During our busy days, we live many different roles, from parent to spouse to friend, colleague, partner, etc., and applying the teachings of yoga can help us tremendously in erasing the barriers of our varying roles and responsibilities and creating a more balanced, harmonious and happy life.
  3. Practice to live, live to practice. Our dedication is paramount for any realization of yoga.  Practicing the asanas supports us in experiencing wholeness through integration of body, mind and spirit, demonstrating the consistent willingness to be open to life’s journey with all of its joy and pain. To practice is to pay attention to our whole life, including our thoughts, speech and action, and align these with our values.
  4. Cultivating awareness. Through our continual learning, application and practice of yoga, new awareness may often come about, allowing us to more easily surrender our attachments and live in a more "awakened" state.
  5. Love all, serve all. Love is an expression of the Divine. To experience love and share love through service or helping others is perhaps the most direct path to experiencing ultimate harmony and unity with the Divine, the true meaning of yoga. In addition, yoga offers a detoxification to the body, mind and soul, increasing the flow of energy and elimination. In a parallel way, yoga helps us witness our emotions enhancing their flow and enabling us to let go. Yoga also increases our prana (life force) boosting the body’s self-healing and quieting the mind.

~ Provided by Shanti Golds-Cousens, Tree of Life, USA and Lahra Tatriele, Fivelements, Bali  

We invite you to experience yoga in Bali at Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa. 

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