Living in Harmony by Isabelle Jan

Raised in Brittany, France, where daily life is completely connected to the natural elements, the rhythms of the ocean and the changing weather, I grew up listening to nature, educated to feel the wind like a sailor in order to plan life and understand what directions to take.

Since I was a child, the connection with the water element has been my main source of wellbeing.

I’ve been travelling the world for several years, which forced me to create a bag of tools to maintain my balance in order not to lose myself and my health along the way.

One of my biggest observations when it comes to living in harmony, is the softness and space you offer yourself, the way you bend with life, how you welcome changes and allow things to pass through you.

I believe that certain desires, projects and dreams are sacred, so I love silence and to keep certain things personal. And I’m careful about my speech as it has a real impact on my energy.

I’m a huge advocate of taking refuge. I like to step outside of this world for few minutes, or a few days, taking refuge within. It’s like protecting my centre that allows me to focus and reinforce my strength. I isolate myself very often. I love to go somewhere special and not tell anyone about it. I recharge during a few hours at my favourite coffee place, and every year I travel to a secret destination.

I recently understood how important my connection to beauty and maintain my state of wellness is. When I feel uncomfortable, stressed or in an emotional state, I look for beauty in my environment and I use my senses to receive and feel. This can be a detail which my eyes catch: a flower, something pretty in the street or something that I choose to do consciously, a moment in a beautiful place, time in a museum. That works like magic, it refreshes my spirit, elevates my soul, and immediately anchors my body, just like a wave of softness inside my heart.

It’s been a few months since I’ve started doing daily flower offerings. Some I place in my living room, one flower in my bathroom, others in special corners of my home. Each day I change the water and reorganise the energies to create harmony. It feels like saying a prayer. And when I walk along the ocean, I always prepare a little bouquet of colourful flowers to offer to the water with intention.

Other essentials:

  • Writing: I write every day, using various practices to observe my feelings. I plan and create. Notebooks are like soul friends.
  • Food: It connects me to the earth and my body. I choose everything I eat. I fast one time per week with juices and a few times a year for longer periods. When I visit markets and play in the kitchen, I’m the happiest woman.

I believe it’s a life journey to understand how to live well and to create your own bag of practical tools, which help to live a harmonious life, like a dance, which changes and evolves constantly.

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