Living in Harmony by Joao Ricardo Alves

At Fivelements we are plugged into living with a conscious mindfulness. In a world that seems to be run by stress, we understand why it is so important to have an antidote that brings physical, mental and emotional calm.

Here we present the fourth of our series of team members recommendations for how to ensure that balance, happiness and health, rather than stress, take over our lives.

Joao Ricardo Alves, Head Chef

I have found that one or more of the following approaches, exercise, reading and listening to Buddhist philosophy, most help me to find my inner calm after a busy day in the Fivelements kitchens.

  1. Getting physical – Physical activity, preferably outside, helps me reduce stress. Running, for example, is a great way to let the physical body work hard while the mental and emotional sides of me relax. Alternatively, I find yoga is very helpful, especially when focusing on breathing exercises too, bringing me into the present moment and calming my mind.
  2. Reconnecting with home – Being back home is already a tonic for me after a tough day at work. Picking up a book for a soothing read is always relaxing.
  3. Bringing in expert help – I also find that listening to philosophers like Alan Watts or Jiddu Krishnamurti put life into perspective, helping minimize the stress I’m feeling after work enormously.  
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