Agni Hotra Ceremony

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  • Agni Hotra is an ancient fire ceremony originating from the sacred Vedic Hindu texts. Centuries past, the tradition of Agni Hotra in Bali was embraced and fused with animistic rituals; however, following a great fire, it fell out of practice nearly 350 years ago.

    Today, there is a revival of the practice of Agni Hotra for its powerful healing effects not only in Bali but worldwide.

    Agni refers to fire and Hotra means, healing. This healing fire ceremony is considered one of the highest Vedic rituals. Specially trained priests make offerings of ghee and grains into the fire while reciting Sanskrit mantras to invoke blessings of health and abundance. Participants are also invited to join the priests at specified times with offerings of rice into the fire, as symbol of divine light. The ritual is for energizing and purifying the environment, healing both the participants and those living in the area. There are many anecdotal stories of healing in relation to the Agni Hotra and even evidence of benefits to agricultural areas where Agni Hotra is performed.

    We invite you to Fivelements’ Agni Hotra ceremony to steep in the atmosphere of this sacred tradition, experience its healing benefits and convene in the spirit of One.

  • Full Moon Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony
    1 day before full moon every month
    6:00 - 8:00 pm Agni Hotra Ceremony
    8:00 - 8:30 pm 3-Course Gourmet Chef's Tasting Dinner
  • A monthly full moon fire Agni Hotra Ceremony led by Balinese hotris and priests & 3-Course Gourmet Chef's Tasting Dinner, Rp. 324,000++ for Friends of Fivelements members, Rp. 360,000++ for non-members
    Agni Hotra Ceremony Only, Rp. 150,000 NET

    * 100% of the proceeds for Agni Hotra ceremonies (Rp.150,000 NET per person) are contributed towards the hotris that lead the ceremony and Fivelements Social Impact programmes that support Balinese cultural preservation.
    * Dress code: Balinese white sarong is recommended.
    * By reservation only.
    *All prices are in Indonesian rupiah and are subject to 21% tax and service charge.
  • Special Monthly Events

    Agni Hotra
    January 2020 9
    February 2020 7
    March 2020 8
    April 2020 6
    May 2020 6
    June 2020 4
    July 2020 4 (Saraswati Day)
    August 2020 2
    September 2020 1  & 30
    October 2020 30
    November 2020 29
    December 2020 28

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