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  • 5-Course Monthly Gourmet Chef’s Tasting Dinner

    1st Friday of every month

    We invite you to for an exciting 5-Course Gourmet Chef's Tasting at our Fivelements Sakti Dining Room™. Come along with friends and be the first to try our newest monthly creations prepared by our team of devoted chefs. The stunning bamboo restaurant offers an inspiring gastronomical journey abundant in fresh, innovative, plant-based cuisine aimed to nurture body, mind and soul.

    7:00 pm 5-Course Monthly Gourmet Chef’s Tasting Dinner

    * Limited seating available
    * By reservation only
    * 10% of the proceeds are dedicated to Fivelements' Social Impact programmes

  • 5-Course Monthly Gourmet Chef’s Tasting Dinner

    Rp. 517,500++ for Friends of Fivelements members
    Rp. 575,000++ for non-members

    * All prices are in Indonesian rupiah and are subject to 21% tax and service charge
    * By reservation only
    * 10% of the proceeds are dedicated to Fivelements Social Impact programmes
  • Special Monthly Events

    Dinner Club
    Agni Hotra
    September 2019 - 13
    October 2019 - 12
    November 2019 - 11
    December 2019 - 10
    January 2020 - 9
    February 2020 - 7
    March 2020 - 8
    April 2020 - 6
    May 2020 - 6
    June 2020 - 4
    July 2020 - 4 (Saraswati Day)
    August 2020 - 2
    September 2020 - 1  & 30
    October 2020 - 30
    November 2020 - 29
    December 2020 - 28
  • Guests Experiences


    Thank you so much to Felix and the team at Fivelements. This is now one of my all time favourite dining experiences, in the world! Elegant, delicate, well balanced and amazingly creative food in one of the most pleasant, calming natural settings one could wish for. I will be back again for more...

    Graham Abbott


    The location itself is extraordinary. Design features fuse into nature with no distractions, every detail considered; from finely select tea and night torches, to grand yoga shala and bathtubs overlooking the river. The restaurant is other level. Dishes an expression of plant artistry with vibrant colors and lovely flavours requiring no additions. The 7 course degustation menu was sublime, each dish wonderfully complimented by a palate cleanser. There is no alcohol served yet once the dining experience unfolds, becomes insignificant. Friendly staff, Chef Felix Schoener an elegant & exciting master of raw cuisine, organically presenting dishes full of flavour and texture. Every bight a journey of the senses, as Felix says, allowing "the soul of the produce to shine." I thank owner Chicco Tatriele for gracing us with an extraordinary experience. Five Elements represents the fine elements of holistic living. A mind, body and soul indulgence.



    This Life Activation dinner at Fivelements was truly an experience of delight for the sensitive palate seeking nourishing and delicious food. The five courses were varied and yet combined well with the eclectic ingredients. The first course of sweet corn, ginger, and kaffir lime soup with coconut lime yoghurt melted in the mouth with a soothing tang and a good introduction to the second course, which was a Vietnamese Pomello salad, ever so light and flavorful. The Thai Style Lettuce Wrap was my favorite with Isaan vegetables and spicy chili cashews. This was a very innovative combination of tastes that blended with a wonderful taste that lingered. The Asian Vegetable noodles were a supreme creation making the noodles from cabbage, diakon and coconut. Then of course the dessert was divine with vanilla Coconut tart with coconut sorbet and banana and passion fruit concluding with a fresh taste and clean ending to a sumptuous meal. I might add, that the next day, I did feel some detox affects on my system and cleansing.



    Thank you Chicco and Lahra - Chef Felix is amazing - a definite step forward for Fivelements Food - now its even better. See you for next month's Dinner Club!

    Marcantonio Pinci


    During the “Fivelements Dinner Club” experience we tried a great variety of dishes and each one was surprisingly impeccable with balaced savors and stunning presentation. The cuisine is created to promote the philosophy of ‘wellbeing through nutrition’ and the Sakti’s menu contains only fresh and healthy dishes, expertly handcrafted by world recognized Chef Felix Shoener according to the raw organic gastronomy motives. I am not a vegetarian or raw food person, but eating at Sakti Dining Room™ could inspire one to change!

    Marcello Massoni (CEO Gaya Ceramic and Design) & Michela

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