Detox with Plant-based Cuisine

Detox with Living Foods

A growing need for detox in Bali

As our lives become increasingly demanding, fast-paced and over-stressed, we begin to recognise significant impacts in our body's natural ability to sustain healthy organ productivity, effective toxin elimination and overall health and wellness.

Combined with the growing number of harmful chemicals and pollutants to which we are exposed on a daily basis (whether due to impure air or water, food pesticides, preservatives, additives or other non-natural materials), this is causing us to experience poorer health, including chronic aches and pains, lower levels of energy and productivity, frequent illness, decreased memory or concentration, depression, ongoing digestive issues, bloating, excessive weight, dependence upon food or other substances, disease and premature aging.

Benefits of plant-based cuisine & juices for detoxification & healing

At Fivelements, we believe in the power of plant-based, sun-produced, raw vegan, living foods to cleanse and heal the body, mind and spirit. Plant-based cuisine are vitamin and enzyme-rich, thus, containing high levels of nutrition. A detoxification process with us involving plant-based cuisine - especially through juice fasting - allows the body to more easily eradicate toxins and other unwanted substances from our bodies, thereby cleansing and promoting effective organ functionality and improving our body's natural ability to sustain positive health.

Bringing more and more of these fresh fruits and vegetables into our daily consumption on an ongoing basis will assist in healthy cell regeneration for improved health, beauty and longevity.

We invite you to experience a Tri Kaya Parisudha Retreat, our signature retreat in Fivelements Retreat Bali for detoxification, purification and reinvigoration.

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