Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces

One is as one is meant to be.

A parable of religions is represented here. In the stones of the Sacred Space an open circle invites us to an intra-religious dialogue, the centre of which is Ahimsa, the sacredness of non-violence.

This is a place of relation and revelation, where the divine, the human and the cosmos meet, a union between immanent and transcendent which creates a new Life, here and now.

Here and now is timeternity, a new word that was created by philosopher, Raimond Panikkar,who introduced the concept of eternal present. Eternal present transcends space and time merging without confusion to become immanent within us. It is the co-creation, a trinity alliance (among God, Man and Cosmos) and transformation from energy to the physical in the sacredness and in the dignity of the being.

In this Sacred Space, a place of peace and silence, we can breathe the primitive breath of the religious intuition, in which the human being is mediator and co-creator between earth and heaven and where the awareness of differences is a constant transformation of listening and forward motion in the harmonious dance of the creative and the destructive polarity of the creation itself. (Giovanna Piovesana)

We invite you for meditation and dialogue in the Sacred Space at Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa.

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