Mystic economy with Chicco Tatriele and Debra Moffitt

Did any of you hear Chicco talking on Divinely Inspired Living to radio show host Debra Moffitt recently? Discussing transformational business practices and how to create balance and harmony in a corporate situation, here are the takeaways from the discussion.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016 00:00

Coconut Flour Waffle Pancake

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Coconut Flour Waffle Pancake
Serves 6 – 8
Hands down the most delicious and nutritious way to start your day

This recipe works whether you want to make a waffle or a pancake. Made with coconut flour, requiring the use of plenty of moisture, the dish is gluten-free as well as full of vitamins and antioxidants due to the fresh fruit. Enjoy!

We are thrilled and honoured to share this most recent recognition as
the Global Winner for Gourmet Vegan Cuisine from the World Luxury Restaurants Awards.

Looking back five and a half years ago when we opened the gate to Fivelements, we had hoped our guests would respond well to our integrative holistic wellness concept. Incorporating traditional Balinese healing and wellness, plant-based living foods cuisine, sacred arts and sustainable design, the innovate healing concepts such as Sakti Dining Room™ are inspired by and born in Bali and are entirely representative of this idea.

Through years of discovery, research, healing, illness and experiencing the extraordinary healing impact of eating plant-based foods firsthand, we cultivated a vision for Fivelements’ cuisine: creating an artisanal gastronomic journey with natural, organic, wild-harvested and locally-sourced ingredients from Bali and nearby. We wanted people to experience eating well, eating for energy, beauty and longevity and most importantly, enjoying a beautiful meal prepared with Love.

Monday, 23 May 2016 10:51

The Power of Positive Thinking

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“The most important things in life are togetherness and friendship, whether among family members, friends and acquaintances, work colleagues or with the welcoming of strangers,” says Chicco.

He was speaking after an enlightening discussion on karma, compassion, tolerance and the path to peace, which were the key messages this year from Fivelements. The takeaway messages were gratifyingly fundamental, achievable and universal.

“Sharing experiences and having fun together create unforgettable moments, moments of love and connection,” he added. “Life is about these moments. It is about feeling good, about savouring that feeling and expressing it too.”

Indian PM Narendra Modi imitated International Yoga Day (IYD), choosing June 21st as it falls on the longest day in the year, the summer solstice, the day upon which Lord Shiva is said to have started teaching yoga to mankind. Floating the idea at the UN’s General Assembly, a record number of 175 nations co-sponsored the resolution and the first IYD took place last year.

In New Delhi alone, the first International Yoga Day saw nearly 36,000 people from 84 nations performing 21 asanas for 35 minutes, making two Guinness World Records. And encouraging millions more to joined them, some first-timers, from across the world.

At Fivelements daily meditation and yoga are part of the ‘Living your Yoga in Bali’ approach, introducing a dharmic lifestyle to guests through the following five principles...

Thursday, 02 June 2016 06:52

TEDxUbud at Fivelements

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Where Bali’s creatives champion the environment, art and wonderful causes

For the 5th year running, Bali’s artists and performers, musicians and magicians, travellers and athletes, entrepreneurs and paradigm-shifters gathered in the soaring mandala at Fivelements for TEDxUbud 2016.

Hosted by Indonesian photographer Rio Helmi who also blogs for the Huffington Post, the line up brought an outstanding series of inspirational talks and performances guaranteed to challenge, motivate and uplift the sold-out, 300-strong, barefoot audience.

Local culture was represented by Jaran Poleng, a beleganjur gamelan orchestra of seven mainly percussive instruments. Designed to accompany armies into battle, they delivered a rousing and blood-curdling performance that drummed an incredible, tangible energy into the entire mandala.

We are very excited to announce that Fivelements has been nominated for the 2016 World Spa Awards™! This is no small feat. The World Spa Awards are some of the industry’s most credible and sought-after awards, as they celebrate and reward industry excellence and have a reputation for being fair and transparent. They not only serve as a definitive benchmark, they also help foster growth in the spa industry. 

We are asking you to support us by voting for us in Indonesia's Best Wellness Retreat 2016. Please click here to vote now!

As former retreaters and guests of Fivelements, you know best the quality and journey that Fivelements offers. Please do use your first-hand experience to let the spa industry know that we stand out as the best of the best. Voting closes 25th July – you have nine weeks to tell the world about our retreat.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016 05:44

Coral Planting Around Nusa Lembongan

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One of our favorite day trips here at Fivelements, Bali is a quick boat ride over to the wild scenery of Nusa Penida and the neighboring islands. While a visit to Goa Giri Putri temple is often the main event, we always take time to explore the island and its waters before returning to Bali. A long snorkel and then a coconut on the beach is the perfect way to end this day of rebirthing and reconnecting to nature.

Monday, 23 May 2016 10:38

Healing with Five Balinese Elements

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Healing with Five Balinese Elements

Panca Mahabhuta, meaning 'the five elements’ originating from the ancient Vedas, is our most popular holistic wellness retreat. The private retreat combines Balinese master healer therapies with epicurean plant-based cuisine, awakening sacred arts sessions – physical, creative expression and mind-body awareness programmes - and Balinese blessing ceremonies. Our aim is to gently guide our retreaters through a highly personalised integrative approach supported by extraordinary people and impeccable services.

At Fivelements, our Panca Mahabhutra retreat is inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Balinese, and the Panca Mahabhutas refer to the vedic five elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether, that map out the internal and external forces at work in the Universe and in ourselves. Understanding and balancing the way these five elements interact and affect us helps us to maintain harmony in our own lives.

“The five elements are utilized and interwoven to facilitate awareness and consciousness in our Panca Mahabuta retreats,” says Nilanti, Wellness Liaison. “The sacred healing journeys within lush nature also support reconnection with the "self" through these five elements in their raw, authentic expressions, while guided by our wellness staff.”

Monday, 23 May 2016 10:10

Zucchini Brownies

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Zucchini Brownies
Serves 6 – 8
A beautifully moist and rich chocolate treat that’s full of goodness

I’ve used zucchini to make raw dips and zoodles. I’ve roasted them, baked them and eaten them raw. Because of their bland taste they are easy to mold into anything you want them to be, like these delicious brownies. Zucchini are particularly great for making cakes because their high water content makes it easy to achieve a moist cake. I also used Medicinal Flower Extracts because they are high quality extracts with such a range of flavors to choose from and xylitol from birch sap to reduce the sugar load.

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