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Ketut, The Making of Fivelements Hong Kong

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Ketut, architect and interior designer, focusing on creating a calm, friendly, spiritual – and surprising – space

What do you think Hong Kongers will respond to the most?

The idea here is to bring something different that no one else has done in Hong Kong. Sometimes architecture and interior design is about following trends or looking classic, but we have brought a concept that is similar to what we have created in Bali and which is aligned with our Fivelements’ holistic integrative concept.

I especially like the fact you cannot predict what is inside by looking at the outside. Even though the building from the outside has a very international look, once you enter inside we want you to be surprised. All our rooms are different. And not only different but we have tried to bring to the space a spiritual feel using unusual materials in an unusual way. We have chosen the various stone, for example, and the bamboo, to bring nature inside. You jump from a cityscape to a tropical interior.

Upstairs in the Yoga Room, the curving ceiling is one of the ways we have tried to surprise people. The building on the outside is very regular so inside we are avoiding any square structure – one of Lahra’s requirements for wellness design. We want to give people space to move around without barriers and in the Yoga Room every angle has a different feel. Every time you walk in here the space is so inspirational you really feel great.

Fivelements, Hong Kong has been awarded for the Best Detox Treatment at Prestige Magazine's Beauty and Spa Awards 2018.

This three-part treatment involves a private sauna session in the spa’s detox suite followed by a full body exfoliation using a mineral rich “black diamond powder” made from carbonised Balinese bamboo. This powder is known to absorb toxins and impurities and replenish skin with minerals. Finally, the treatment ends with a divine back, neck and shoulder massage designed to promote circulatory and lymphatic movement to faster rid your body of waste.

Fivelements in Bali receives another accolade at the annual World Spa Awards

At the 3rd annual World Spa Awards held on Sunday, December 10, 2017, Fivelements was awarded “Indonesia’s Best Wellness Retreat 2017” for its wellbeing destination in Bali, making it the 2nd time Fivelements has taken home a World Spa Award.

“It is an extraordinary honour to be recognised for our ongoing dedication to wellness in Asia,” says Lahra Tatriele, Vision Director and Co-founder of Fivelements. “When we first started out, we envisioned curating high impact, innovative wellness programmes that would create long-lasting healing and the will to transform through (self) love. Receiving this award on behalf of our Fivelements family in Bali is a sign that we are achieving our purpose. I am so thankful to every member of our incredible team!”

This November, the Sai Kung Pink Ladies Lunch & Pop-up Event raised $62,000 for the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. The event was held at St. Barts, Clearwater Bay, on Thursday, 2 November, and included a raffle and an auction.

The Sai Kung Pink Ladies is a local fundraising community dedicated to supporting the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. The Sai Kung Pink Ladies organise local events for the ladies of Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong. https://www.facebook.com/skpinkladies/

More than 40 local businesses donated to the event raffle as well as Fivelements, Hong Kong. More than 100 Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay ladies were thrilled to receive their vouchers for a special treatment at Fivelements, Hong Kong.

And Ms Hoyan Mok could not believe her luck when she won the wonderful gift prize from Fivelements.

"This is such a life-affriming event. It is powerful to see so many women gather together to support a great cause, and to see all the work that has gone into organising such an enjoyable day. This year there was a very light and laid-back beachy feel, because of the venue, the colour, the pop-up shops and the sheer joie de vivre. The raffle was a real high point and there were many amazing prizes. All attendees were wowed by the goodie bag which included a beautiful Turkish towel as well as a voucher for the Signature Balinese Massage at Fivelements. The power of women to gather together, to support each other, to provide encouragement, connection and friendship, was celebrated today. As I looked around the sea of Pink Ladies I saw so much love and laughter. It was a pleasure to be here and a privilege to be able represent Fivelements in their support for the continued awareness of health and wellness." Caron Williamson, Wellness Liaison & Sacred Artist.

By Anne Cousin

It is easy to get caught up in the details of our lives, even suffering and losing sleep when we perceive that we have no solution to the problems we face. We can too easily forget about joyfulness of living, that aliveness itself has an essentially joyful quality.

I often guide and advise clients into slowing down, deeply sensing and feeling into their body aliveness. This is a form of Somatic meditation. Somatic means that we relate to the body. There are many ways to do this, as each person has their own unique inner resources and intelligence.

For example, every pleasurable activity can be turned into a doorstep toward gratitude, by taking a moment to notice how it feels, acknowledging its ripples in ones sense of wellness, nourishment. As we experience this the body relaxes, the brain begins secreting new hormones of wellbeing, in a what we could call a virtuous cycle. We cultivate presence, mindfulness or body-fullness.

This simple practice to shift perspective, even 5 minutes a day as a start, has a profound effect on our brain chemistry and body. Our brain has a natural tendency to register and focus on potential threats. In a given moment, we experience feeling weak or being in fear or discomfort. Yet this is only one-side of the picture— we can expand our awareness to include other perceptions. There is always a possibility to shift perspective and to feel better.

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Meditation & Mindfulness for the Game

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By Michael Hallock — Fivelements Wellness Curator

Sometimes people consider meditation and sport as mutually exclusive. Their thinking is that some people are the type to meditate and others are the type to play sports. After all, we usually think of meditation as sitting still with closed eyes, while sports is all about action. While there can sometimes be a divide between those two worlds, there is more and more overlap as professional athletes bridge that gap and develop peak performance through meditation and mindfulness.

What they find out is that meditation improves their focus. The meditative concept of being “in the present moment” translates directly into being more present to the game, less distracted by thoughts, emotions. Exactly what is needed to play well is what meditation teaches us — be present, be attentive, “keep your eye on the ball” as they say.

After you practice for some time, you’ll notice that meditation helps “emotional regulation” too. That is, we learn not to “sweat the small stuff”. Which means that we are less deflected by a loss of a point or a referee or judge’s decision. We learn to maintain our determination without wasting time and energy by beating ourselves up or throwing a John McEnroe style tantrum. We develop a kind of relentless perseverance, and we get back in the game.

Congratulations to all the Fivelements Family and Community on reaching this important stage and this great achievement!

We are honoured to receive this nomination for Best Wellness Retreat by World Spa Awards for the second time in a row. Please support us by voting for Fivelements. Vote now!

By 13th October, consumers and professionals working within the spa and wellness travel and tourism industry are asked to vote for who they think is the very best of the best.

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Living in Harmony by Stefanie Jencquel

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At Fivelements we are plugged into living with a conscious mindfulness. In a world that seems to be run by stress, we understand why it is so important to have an antidote that brings physical, mental and emotional calm. Here we present the next of our series of staff recommendations for how to ensure that balance, happiness and health, rather than stress, take over our lives.

Stefanie Jencquel, Wellness Consultant

“Nature, meditation, massage and cuddling are all on my short list for dealing with stress. When life is threatening to become stressful, retreat to the elements of life that really matter – nature, nourishment, peace and love.”

Monday, 05 June 2017 06:09

Living in Harmony by Helen

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At Fivelements we are dedicated to living with mindfulness and living in harmony. But how to keep yourself physical, mental and emotional calm in this world? Here we present the fifth of our series of staff recommendations for how to ensure that balance, happiness and health, rather than stress, take over our lives.

Helena Izhoykina, marketing manager

“My dearest Papa taught me that, ‘All material is ash, and our soul is eternal’. I accept this philosophy fully and so it is easy for me not to care about many of the material things that usually cause stress. I avoid feeling stressed whenever possible and don’t let circumstances ruin my life balance.”

Thursday, 04 May 2017 13:25

Living in Harmony by Joao Ricardo Alves

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At Fivelements we are plugged into living with a conscious mindfulness. In a world that seems to be run by stress, we understand why it is so important to have an antidote that brings physical, mental and emotional calm.

Here we present the fourth of our series of team members recommendations for how to ensure that balance, happiness and health, rather than stress, take over our lives.

Joao Ricardo Alves, Head Chef

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