From mid-February I will be offering Dan Tien Rejuvenation, an essential treatment for detoxification of both the body and emotions. Most of us don’t realise how much tension we store in the abdomen, but just as our posture and mental tension can generate physical tension in the back and shoulders, chronic tension also occurs in the internal organs, especially when we avoid processing emotions. Dan Tien Rejuvenation, a combination of abdominal massage and energy healing, is one of the most important and effective treatments for detoxing the body because it improves circulation of blood, lymph, chi, at the same time helping to cleanse the digestive tract. We find that usually the second session begins to address deeper layers and access the emotions related to those tensions being released.

This month we are excited to share the work of Indonesian martial arts master Thomas Hija — Body to Breath Resilience Training.

Tommy makes a strong first impression. A burly figure with tattoos, I did not expect the gentleness and humour that emerged from him as we introduced ourselves.

As he shared his background in martial arts since his youth, his world travels, and teaching background, I could feel his dedication to the Indonesian martial art — Silat.

Monday, 25 February 2019 04:49

Inside Fivelements healing sanctuary

We are pleased to announce 2 new sessions with our Balinese Healers this month. Pak Tirka’s Fivelements Taksu Massage blends intuitive bodywork with mantra invocation to bring the Taksu, the blessing from spirit, the gift from the heart.

Pak Gede brings us Danda Reflexology. With skillful use of a wooden massage stick, Gede focuses on reflex points of the hands and feet, activating healing where circulation is needed in the rest of the body. I was lucky enough to experience both of these sessions in one afternoon. I found myself in the best mood and lightest in my body I have felt in ages, nearly skipping out of the treatment room!

Monday, 26 September 2016 02:25

Chakra Healing – what, why, how?

Chakra Healing is one of the most powerful treatments at Fivelements. But what exactly does it do? It helps to restore the flow of life energy (prana) throughout the body, enhancing the feeling of overall wellbeing in sometimes more subtle, sometimes more powerful ways. Like a spring cleaning for your energy system, this treatment unblocks, re-activates and rebalances the chakras, paving the way for increased levels of health and consciousness.

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Into the Light, Fivelements monthly meditation and spiritual teaching series

Topics like morality, biopsychology, how to have a meaningful life, fasting, Tantra, yogic science and the mystery of creation are all on the table and can take an infinite number of paths depending on the personal experiences shared.

Through his satsang talks, Balinese spiritual teacher Acharya Vibhakarananda Avadhuta (Dada), provides an opportunity to do just that. To feel yourself rise above the cares of the week, absorb the calming energy of the natural world around you, and deepen your understanding of what it means to live with the spirit of love, harmony and human progress.

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014 08:15

How rituals can bring revelation

Anji Bignell recently stayed at Fivelements while writing a story on ritual and healing. She shares with us her experience of our signature Agni Hotra fire ceremony.

“This ritual is all about symbols that we can relate to and use to rid our minds and bodies of unworthy thoughts as well as make sense of time and space.”

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Wednesday, 01 October 2014 10:26

How the Healing Energy of Bali Saved My Life

“Nicola’s extraordinary recovery was one of the many powerful
Balinese healing experiences that eventually inspired the making of Fivelements”
Chicco Tatriele, Co-founder, Fivelements

Nicola Martinengo, originally from Milan, has been a close friend of Chicco’s since the early 80s. He and a group of friends would visit Bali, and Chicco, every August. One year Nicola had a near-fatal motorbike accident, and the local healer who saved him changed his life forever.

Nicola tells his extraordinary story of Balinese healing…

I always loved Bali for its feeling of total freedom and the strong spiritual influence it had. It was a good place to heal my soul. This story happened my tenth summer there, and I loved the island even more afterwards.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014 13:08

The Power of Love in a Silent Meditation

“A few years ago, I remember meeting a man in Bali who told me that after 10 years living in Nepal and studying meditation under a more rigid style, he came to Bali, met Merta Ada and started practicing silent meditation together. After experiencing the programme, he found himself completely blown away realising that what was missing from his previous meditation studies was ‘the experience of self-Love.’

As surprising as it sounded, it hit me like a thunderbolt! I simply had to try this programme firsthand and when I did, I quickly understood what that man had meant. From then on, it became my mission to support this master meditation teacher, Merta Ada, and offer his self-healing Bali Usada Silent Meditation Retreat to a wider international audience at Fivelements. In particular, I envisioned participants coming from all over the world sharing a common thread – all living demanding lifestyles and in positions of influence or leadership (whether in the family or in business) and thus, able to effect positive change within their worlds with these teachings.