Living in Harmony by Isa Mat

At Fivelements we are plugged into living with a conscious mindfulness. In a world that seems to be run by stress, we understand why it is so important to have an antidote that brings physical, mental and emotional calm. Here we present the second of our series of staff recommendations for how to ensure that balance, happiness and health, rather than stress, take over our lives.

Isa, wellness liaison

“The best tool I’ve got to manage stress and multitasking is the one that serves me in all circumstances: conscious breathing.”

Here are Isa’s top recommendations for staying on top of life’s demands:

1 – Slow down – When I’m running late on my to-do list or juggling more than one situation, my whole systems speeds up. As I become aware my mind is racing and reaching the rhythm of anxiety, I stop, take a few deep and conscious breaths and I immediately feel more spacious.

2 – Adjust your attitude – As I take a moment to connect to the present moment through conscious breathing, my perception of myself, the tasks at hand and the time to accomplish them, changes. The quality of the challenge changes as does my attitude.

3 – Trust in time - It feels like time literally slows down when I focus on the breath and I find myself at peace with what is, refreshed, more connected and confident. The perfect timing with which all unfolds after I do that brings a smile to my face, while reinforcing my trust.

4 – Accept everything – Bringing my attention to the breath allows me to listen with undivided attention, gives me a chance to respond from a place of love and makes me more open to receive life, its messages, challenges and gifts, with acceptance and gratitude.

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