Water Healing


Massage therapy in warm water allows a greater range of motion and flexibility than is impossible on land. When receiving aquatic bodywork, one floats effortlessly while receiving gentle, water-assisted massage and yoga-like stretches. Physical release invites deeper healing on the mental and emotional planes. Thoughts melt away, the pool becomes a metaphorical womb, in which one feels nurtured completely safe. The Balinese concept of Tri Hita Karana comes to life with human and elemental harmony and sense of the deeper connection to life itself.

At Fivelements we offer Watsu and Healing Dance Aquatic Bodywork. Watsu is the founding father of this discipline of bodywork. Inspired by Shiatsu, it features acupressure and passive joint movement to free up muscular holding and open meridians. A characteristic of Watsu is its close, nurturing holds that instill a feeling of safety, timelessness and peace in the receiver.

Healing Dance is the next generation in aquatic bodywork. A departure from Watsu's stillness, Healing Dance emphasizes graceful movement, as the therapist glides through the water, traces circles and figure-eights, dancing with the receiver. Sessions are dynamic and intuitive as the therapist follows unconscious cues from the receiver. Guests enjoy the feeling of graceful movement while gliding through the water with a sense of lightness, freedom and exhilaration.

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