White Lotus Cleansing Detox Retreats


White Lotus Cleansing Detox Retreats with Naturopathic Detox Specialist Sarah Foley

USD 4,850 Net for Single Occupancy
USD 3,995 Net for Twin Share

The one and only solution to pollution is purification. Pollution is a basic fact of life. No one is immune to it. It is recommended to do a five to seven day organic juice fasting program with colonic hydrotherapy on a yearly basis to keep your systemic microcosm clear and free from accumulated toxic build up and disease.

The White lotus symbolises purity and divine wisdom and it is believed to promote harmony, inner peace and enlightenment.

The essence of these retreats is to accelerate spiritual evolvement and enhance healing on every level within the system to achieve mental and physical purity and harmony with the spirit.

We specialise in creating unique and comprehensive naturopathic programs that have been successful in treating numerous medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, infertility, depression and cancer.

Luxury Regeneration Program:

  • 7-Nights Accommodation in one of our exclusive riverside suites
  • Pre and post cleanse Healing Cuisine low-glycemic meals
  • Daily Organic cold pressed vegetable juices, coconut water, mineral broths and herbal teas
  • Balinese welcome and closing Blessing Ceremonies
  • Naturopathic consultations from detox specialist Sarah Foley from Australia
  • 6 Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions and energetic abdominal organ massage
  • The most advanced therapeutic detox and fasting supplements
  • Daily monitoring of blood pressure and urinalysis when necessary
  • 3 Bodihealth Electro regenesis sessions
  • Naturopathic lectures on Detoxification and tools for a long and healthy life when you leave five elements
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Balinese bliss massage and healing purification rituals