Rwa Bineda - Batur to Agung

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Rwa Bineda is the Balinese philosophy that describes the continuous play between opposing forces. This is the concept that gives us masculinity and femininity, creation and destruction, yin and yang and all the interactions between these forces. The Balinese people understand this concept as integral to maintaining balance and see it in all aspects of life, even in the way they interpret the very land that they live on.

Spend the day with us in the mountains of northeast Bali. Travel from the feminine heart of the island at Lake Batur to the masculine peak of Gunung Agung. This journey brings you to two of the most sacred temples in Bali:  Puru Ulun Danau Batur and Pura Besakih, the Mother Temple for the Balinese. We pray in both temples in the same day in order to bring balance to the opposing forces in our lives.

For a perfect end to the day, you may choose to relax in one of our riverfront healing suites with our Ida Pinggala massage while one male and one female therapist join in harmony to deeply relax and massage your body back to its natural equilibrium.

Duration of this healing journey:  1 full day +

* 10% of the proceeds from each Healing Journey are contributed towards building social programmes for the local villages and temples involved and Balinese cultural preservation.

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