A Sacred Cave

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A short trip across the Badung strait from Bali, the island of Nusa Penida is a world apart. Though separated from the larger island by strong currents half of the year, Nusa Penida has long played an integral role in the spiritual life of the Balinese people. Traditionally seen as having strong ties to the underworld, the steep cliffs and mountainous terrain of this limestone island are closer to the dry rocky terrain of Lombok and eastern Indonesia than to that of Bali. Now famous for its vibrant seaweed farming culture, as the home of a bird and wildlife sanctuary, and as a spiritual pilgrimage destination, most Balinese will visit Nusa Penida at least one time every ten years.

Join one of our Fivelements guides as we board a speedboat in Padangbai for the journey across the strait with the majestic Mount Agung an ever-watchful custodian our crossing. Meet with Mangku Ketut Darma at his home for a discussion of Balinese spirituality. Mangku Darma will then be our guide on a ritual walk through the Goa Giri Putri, the cave temple, said to be a womb from which spiritual pilgrims are re-born. We will stop at sacred sites along the way for blessings, ritual cleansing and a short meditation at the heart of the cave.

In the afternoon, following a Balinese picnic prepared from our Fivelements Sakti kitchen, you are free to enjoy the rest of all the island has to offer with the help of your guide. See local co-operatives where women collect and dry seaweed for export, visit a breeding program for rare and endangered birds, or continue your pilgrimage with visits to the temples of Ped, famous for their white stone architecture. Before the sun sets behind Mount Agung, we will reboard the boat for the return journey to the Island of the Gods.

Duration of this healing journey: 1 full day +

* 10% of the proceeds from each Healing Journey are contributed towards building social programmes for the local villages and temples involved and Balinese cultural preservation.

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