Wellness Consultation


Living consciously in harmony, purpose and respect is a journey through self-love and devotion. It can be very challenging, especially if you are working this on your own. At Fivelements, through our consultation process, we support you in better understanding and identifying the physical, mental and emotional areas of your life that may need additional attention, processing and healing. This approach assists us in initiating and facilitating a new healing path for you.

Following the completion of a lifestyle and medical input form, which can be sent by email in advance, we will schedule a shared, informal discussion and assessment on your healing intentions and where you are at in your life. The approach is not clinical, but more of an open sharing and intuitive consultation, which provides the framework, and enables us to move forward in an open, collaborative healing process. The consultation is followed by custom-made programmes based on your particular needs and wishes, including healing sessions with our team of compassionate and committed therapists, and cared for by our professional guest liaisons at all times.

Our overall aim is to co-create a trusting connection and gently guiding you through a personalized healing program, while providing you with useful life tools to return home with. It is a gradual discovery process that naturally unfolds - one where you will experience greater harmony of mind, body and spirit through the energies and elements that lead to health and well-being, including Balinese healing therapies, living foods and sacred arts.

Fivelements Wellness Retreats

pmrSignature Rejuvenation Retreat, Panca Mahabhuta

A healing retreat for regeneration, replenishment & alignment. At Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa, we embrace holistic Balinese-inspired therapies...

triSignature Detox Retreat, Tri Kaya Parisudha

A healing journey for detoxification and transformation. At Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa we recognise that optimal wellness comes...

triSignature Culinary Retreat, Cuisine for Life™

An inspiring raw food culinary retreat for health, beauty and longevity...