A Traditional Village Immersion

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Sudaji means holy knowledge. This small farming village in North Bali is a perfect removal from the congestion and traffic of urban Bali, a place where some of the island's oldest traditions endure through practice daily. As the story goes, the people of Sudaji were blessed by a beautiful princess with clean water and fertile soil after they treated her with extraordinary kindness and hospitality.

Join Fivelements and your host as we discover what it means to live in a Balinese village. Wander the many paths of Sudaji through ricefields and food forests where trees are heavily laden with mango, rambutan, bananas and other fruits. Visit the workshop of a member of the ancient Pande caste of blacksmiths. Join local school children and your host for yoga, meditation and vegetarian meals prepared with local ingredients. At the end of the day, retire to a guest room in the home of one of Sudaji’s residents.

A village stay in Sudaji is an unforgettable experience for anyone looking to discover the authentic Balinese way of living.

Duration of this healing journey:  1 night / 2 days +

* 10% of the proceeds from each Healing Journey are contributed towards building social programmes for the local villages and temples involved and Balinese cultural preservation.

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