Colonic Hydrotherapy


Colonic Hydrotherapy assists in the detoxification of the intestinal tract while encouraging better overall health throughout the body.

The profound benefits of colonic hydrotherapy can be observed in the improvement of digestion and many types of skin conditions, greater mental clarity and a stronger immune system as well as the improvement of inflammatory, circulatory or obesity issues, especially when accompanied by positive lifestyle and dietary support.

At Fivelements, we are pleased to offer you this valuable therapy with the latest equipment from Dotolo Research Corporation, USA. Assisted by a trained nurse, you will be gently and descretely guided through the entire process with care. This treatment begins with a brief consultation, gentle massage and meditation, allowing you to feel relaxed and nurtured prior to the colonic hydrotherapy treatment. With proper distribution, monitored pressure and tepid water, combined with specialized massage, the water travels through the colon, permitting the removal of impacted, embedded waste material.

When combined with our healing treatments or programmes, the overall effectiveness of your colonic hydrotherapy in Bali can be significantly improved. We invite you to experience this internal cleansing therapy and the rewards of feeling healthier, more vibrant and empowered.

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