Sacred Sound Meditation

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Sacred Sound Meditation is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience rooted in Nada Yoga Nidra or “union through sound.” Each session involves shavasana (lying-down meditation) accompanied by live music, including harmonium, guitar, flute, tambura, and repetitions of sacred sound formulas known as mantras. Sacred Sound Meditation offers a sensation of being bathed in sound, with a warmth and love that feels nurturing and deeply moving.

Sacred Sound Meditation (Nada Yoga Nidra) is the ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation through sound and tone. It is a highly enjoyable form of meditation and is relatively effortless. As we concentrate on the sacred sounds, we enter into meditation, and our entire being begins to purify and harmonize by the sound vibrations.

Meditation on sound is one universal path to self-realization, accessible to anyone and appropriate for people of any religion or spiritual aspiration.

We welcome you to experience this extraordinary music meditation:

6-8pm Sacred Sound Meditation
8pm 3 or 5-Course Chef’s Tasting Dinner

Meditation + 5-Course Dinner, Rp. 600,000++
Meditation + 3-Course Dinner, Rp. 450,000++
Meditation Only, Rp. 300,000 NET *

* 100% of the proceeds for this Meditation are designated for humanitarian projects in India and Bali with a focus on cultural arts preservation.