Fivelements Sacred Spaces

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At Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa, six Sacred Spaces were designed around the property, with the intention to offer a choice of mediums to connect with Panca Mahabhuta, the five elements, and explore the experience of harmony within and with the Universe.

Here in these Sacred Spaces, we commune for ceremonies and celebrations, meditation, sacred arts, intra-religious and cultural dialogues and round-tables with healing, social and environmental themes.

Panca Mahabhuta
The Five Elements, is a Hindu concept, which explains how internal (buana alit or microcosm) and external (buana agung, macrocosm) forces work together and are united in the Universe.
Ether, is the idea of connectedness and spaciousness. In the body, Ether represents all the cavities and empty spaces of the body. In the mind, it represents our consciousness.
Air, is the idea of motion. In the body, Air represents all movement of nerves, breath and limbs. In the mind, it is the power behind our thoughts.

Fire, is the idea of light, heat and transformation. In the body, Fire represents all digestion and transformation. In the mind, it represents perception and intelligence.

Water, is the concept of flow and liquidity. In the body, Water represents all the liquids of the body. In the mind, it represents loving and compassionate thoughts and emotions.
Earth, is the concept of solidity. In the body, Earth represents our physical body. In the mind, it represents stability.

Please join us in our Sacred Spaces as we gather for meditation, contemplation, dialogue and ceremony.

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