Discover the bounty of the Earth’s natural medicine chest.

Many of the traditions associated with beauty, vitality, health and rejuvenation are secrets whose origins have been lost in time.

For hundreds of years the Balinese have used a wide range of indigenous plants for therapeutic, medicinal and health-enhancing purposes. Balinese healers passed on to their children their wisdom and natural love and understanding of traditional herbalism.

At our Laboratorium, we are channelling the energy of life to nourish mind, body and soul. Here, we maintain an ancient relationship with the natural world by lovingly blending the resources provided by Mother Nature and utilising ancient ‘Usadha’ herbal recipes, to create home-made, life-enhancing remedies. Freshly harvested herbs, flowers and spices from our medicinal gardens and the surrounding hills of Bali are combined with native oils for hair, skin and body treatments.

Our Laboratorium can also be used as a traditional organic medicine apothecary and as a facility for workshops and training. It is fully equipped with stainless steel fittings, sinks, refrigeration, and dry, dark storage.

We have a Balinese and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner, a naturopath and a homeopath on call, and we are working together on potential collaborations with the universities who are teaching Balinese herbal medicine, ‘Usadha,’ to bring teachers and students to our working laboratorium to share this ancient wisdom and knowledge.

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